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Aureole of friendship between Kragujevac and Suresnes

Within the celebration of 50 years of cooperation between Kragujevac and Suresnes, the monograph “Aureole of Friendship“ by Svetomir Madžarević was presented to the public in the stateroom of the City administration and the Memorandum on the continuation of cooperation between the two cities was signed. In the presence of the friend cities and the twin town, the Memorandum was signed by the mayors, Radomir Nikolić and Christian Dupuy. 

“It has been half a century since the first Charter of Twinning was signed. The visionaries of this cooperation, city managements of these towns at the time and plenty of young people – high school students and university students, have flowed ever since to Suresnes and Kragujevac,“ said Miljan Bjeletić, a member of the City Council for culture. “Those young people have been the ones to nurture and save our friendship forever. The circle of collectiveness in the previous decades has gathered education workers, health care workers, social care workers, municipality officers, company owners, musicians and writers as well as other culture drivers.“ 

According to the words of the mayor of Kragujevac, Radomir Nikolić, a lot has been done in the meantime, to the mutual pleasure. “Together we work on projects in the sector of culture, social care and agriculture. Together we improve the world by teaching our children how tragic the war is, through the exhibitions of the Showroom of anti-war caricature, and how simple it is to build bridges of friendship through students’ exchange which has lasted for more than four decades.“ 

“Although responsibilities of local representatives are mainly turned towards serious topics,“ said Christian Dupuy, the mayor of Suresnes, “twinning of towns is something completely different, because they celebrate the best human values: openness towards other people, tolerance, cooperation, and brotherhood between nations. Our brotherhood contributes to the renewal and maintaining of mutual friendship and I hope that we shall soon gather again to celebrate accession of Serbia to the European Union“ Dupuy stated. 

Talking about the monograph “Aureole of Friendship“ the author Svetomir Madžarević, who has spent fifty years on the jobs of informing, protocol and international cooperation in the Kragujevac City Assembly said that it was a collection of memories about people and meetings of the two cities which proudly carried the flags of love and friendship between the people of Serbia and France. “It is a permanent written evidence of the fifty years of unity and brotherhood of the two cities to the benefit of all of us and of new generations.“

Oreol prijateljstva između Kragujevca i Sirena
Oreol prijateljstva između Kragujevca i Sirena
Oreol prijateljstva između Kragujevca i Sirena
Oreol prijateljstva između Kragujevca i Sirena
Oreol prijateljstva između Kragujevca i Sirena


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