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Capital City - Traces of Identity

Solemn academy “Capital City-Traces of Identity“ was held in the building of the Old Assembly thus marking the Statehood Day in Kragujevac. The Day when at this same place in 1835 before 2400 elected people’s participants Serbia ratified first modern constitution that positioned Serbia among regulated, modern country of that time. This year Kragujevac marks two centuries of being proclaimed the  capital city of modern Serbia.

The memory of the important stride that was taken here towards the regaining of freedom is being kept for two centuries.   

We are proud to keep the memory alive and celebrate it. We mark in Sumadija many other events, we remember the battles and heroic acts of people who sacrificed their lives for the resurrection of Serbian state, but today at this place we celebrate the new life of the nation, aspiration towards better, a strive to distant from the sad images of slavery and poverty, lethargy of the centuries spent in darkness pulled by big powers of that time, said the Mayor of Kragujevac Radomir Nikolic in his Sretenje speech, adding that Old Serbia gave birth to the New one.  

New one will respond to new challenges in this time of last deception when it is hard to manage and make distinctions of who is an ally to whom and who is an enemy and what for. These replies require exceptional people – again and we in this City are always ready to welcome and give if needed because of the fact that this city is always a home of exceptional people and exceptional deeds.

“Constitution of the Principality of Serbia“, known by people as Sretenje constitution as s supreme document of the statehood is permanent and non-exhaustive topic. In accordance with the customs named after religious holiday as all important legal acts are named, Sretenje Constitution tells about a pursuit for complete freedom that is always actual as a reminder, guidance, direction and a proof of a fact that people without a state are nothing but a slave or a servant in a somebody’s house, said in his address the Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Vladan Vukosavljevic.
Today we have our state and we need old motifs in a new form. We need new roads and schools, kindergartens and factories. Jobs for people and warm houses. Strong allies. And in order to achieve this in a material world, a non-material precondition is required, said Vukosavljevic and added – that is a light that shines within, light of self-consciousness, historical prudence, practical mind and guardian spirit that always characterized Serbian host.  

The artistic part of the programme included Kragujevac singing society, City Chamber Choir “Slezinger“, Actors of the Knjaževsko – Srpski Teatar Zdravko Maletic, Dragan Stokic, Nenad Vulevic, Milos Krstovic, Mladen Knezevic and Bogdan Milojevic who performed the short play by the motifs of “Konak u Kragujevac“ by Danko Popovic, “Joakim“ by Dobrivoje Ilic and “Milos Veliki“ by Milovan Vitezovic directed and adapted by Dragan Jakovljevic.

Prestoni grad - Tragovi identiteta
Prestoni grad - Tragovi identiteta
Prestoni grad - Tragovi identiteta
Prestoni grad - Tragovi identiteta
Prestoni grad - Tragovi identiteta


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