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Carnival – Kragujevac my capital city

Within the celebration of the day of the city and the jubilee of 200 years since Kragujevac was proclaimed the first capital of modern Serbia, a great Saint George’s carnival went through Kragujevac. This year under the slogan Kragujevac – my capital city, apart from the traditional children's festival, important republic and city institutions, companies, entrepreneurs and associations took part in the carnival procession.

In front of the representatives of the twin towns and friend cities delegations, embassies, guests of Kragujevac, representatives of local self-government and citizens of Kragujevac, participants of the carnival carried out the spirit of the first capital and the procession was led by the actors of Knježevsko-srpski theatre in the costumes of Prince Miloš and Princess Ljubica. 

Apart from traditional participants, bikers of the motor club “Smak“, fans of Vespa and Fiat 500, associations and organizations from other towns like Leskovac, Kruševac, Gračanica, Lajkovac, children from kindergartens, elementary and high schools, students of the University of Kragujevac, dance and sports clubs, the procession also included the representatives of the Society of Serbian and Palestinian friendship. Due to the importance of this jubilee the carnival included members of the Serbian Army, Police department, Society of firemen volunteers, representatives of Zastava Arms factory, Emergency medical service, Pharmacy of Kragujevac and other city communal companies, institutions and companies. 

The great Saint George’s day carnival started from the Big Park, along Kralja Aleksandra I Karađorđevića Street, past the Cathedral Church, along 27. marta Street, and the  square of Radomir Putnik. A part of the procession stopped in front of the building of the City administration where a concert was organized of the Great National Orchestra and vocal soloists of the Abrašević Centre, and at the Square at the Cross an entertainment event was organized as well as the best carnival mask contest.

The idea of a great Saint George’s day carnival had evolved from the traditional carnival which used to be organized until this year, with the aim to increase the number of participants, present all important services and institutions, and, as such, to become a new tradition in celebrating Saint George’s day. 

Karneval - Kragujevac moj glavni grad
Karneval - Kragujevac moj glavni grad
Karneval - Kragujevac moj glavni grad
Karneval - Kragujevac moj glavni grad
Karneval - Kragujevac moj glavni grad


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