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Development Projects of Kragujevac

The presentation of the development projects of the City of Kragujevac: Industrial Zone Fenix, Urban solution for the Prince Arsenal, Centres of Exceptional Values, Smart City and CMEC is organized at the Business Innovation Centre after the Solemn Academy on the Statehood Day.  

Presentation is attended by the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic escorted by the host, the Mayor, Radomir Nikolic and the representatives of the embassies. After the presentation, Vucic said that the projects were good and important and that the state would assist Kragujevac to implement the planned programmes.

The Government seeks the solution for the Grain Centre status because of the strategic goal of Kragujevac and Serbia to bring investors and open new job positions- stressed Vucic.  

The state supports Kragujevac within its capabilities and I am grateful to the Mayor Nikolic who said today that it was the Government of Serbia that prevented the bankruptcy of Kragujevac. You can hear different political stories here, but had the Government of Serbia not given the money the City would have bankrupted. Government of Serbia could not allow it.

Answering to the questions of the journalists when would be the highway completed and what would happen with the FIAT, Vucic said that the Government of Serbia paid attention to the factory, cared about workers and people in Kragujevac. FIAT is our biggest exporter and we consider irresponsible statements of those who claim contrary. We struggle daily for FIAT, we will see that the production this year does not decrease and we also look to the future because FIAT did not build a factory to abandon it but to work over long years to come. As far as the Government of Serbia is concerned FIAT will have all kind of support and inventiveness – stressed Vucic. In that sense the highway will be finished very soon, since from March begins the new constructing season.

Razvojni projekti Kragujevca
Razvojni projekti Kragujevca
Razvojni projekti Kragujevca
Razvojni projekti Kragujevca
Razvojni projekti Kragujevca


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