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Djurdjevdan’s Concerts Performed on Three Stages

In order to provide diverse music programme and festive atmosphere that could be felt at every corner celebrating the Djurdjevdan – City Day, concerts were performed on three stages.
Symphony Orchestra of the Faculty of Art and Philology, founded last year preformed in the Students’ Square in front of the Kragujevac Gymnasium. Members of the Music Workshop “Oktava“ had the concert dedicated to the memory of the late Boris Arandjelovic who was awarded the title of the Honorary Citizen posthumous. 
The main attraction for the citizens was a traditional fireworks display from the building of the City administration. Musical programme of the Djurdjevdan celebration was crowned with the concert of “Neverne Bebe“ in the Square at the Krst, with the opening band “Artist“.

Specific for the exquisite quality of the musicians in the band as well as special sensibility and reputation of one of the best concert bands in the Region, “Neverne Bebe“ have the unique status at the domestic rock scene over two decades. Songs like “Da ima nas“, “Boje duge“, “Tuzna pesma“, “Gde smo“, “Veliki je Bog“, “Ljubav“ or “Dvoje“ that was ranked the song of the decade at the Radio Festival in Belgrade as well as hits from the album “Kuca za spas“ and the title track  “Prastam“ are some of the songs that marked the festive concert in Kragujevac.

Đurđevdanski koncerti na tri bine
Đurđevdanski koncerti na tri bine
Đurđevdanski koncerti na tri bine
Đurđevdanski koncerti na tri bine
Đurđevdanski koncerti na tri bine


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