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Doctor Elizabeth Ross – Icon of Humanity

Laying of the wreaths ceremony and the commemoration served in honor of the Doctor Elizabeth Ross and the members of the British Medical Mission Mabel Dearmer and Lorna Ferriss by his Grace Bishop of Sumadija Jovan and Sumadija Diocese clergy at the City Cemetery marked 103rd remembrance of the brave women from the Great Britain who took care of wounded Serbian soldiers in the WW II.   

Wreaths by their monument were laid by His Excellency British Ambassador to Serbia Denis Keefe, representatives of the Embassies of Canada and Australia, The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia, Army of Serbia, the Red Cross of Serbia, City Red Cross organization, Clinic Centre Kragujevac, Health Centre, Serbian Medical Society, University, Terrain Unit “Dr Elizabeth Ross“ and Secondary School of Medicine.

Member of the City Council for Health and Social Policy Gordana Damjanovic laid the wreaths on behalf of the City by the monument of the British Heroines.   
Kragujevac today gathers at this spot humanist, people who respect courage and goodness, timeless and epic heroism in order to keep alive the bestowed vows of the heroines of the 20th century and their lives. Commemoration organized over thirty years by the City of Kragujevac and City Red Cross Organization gathers and unites us in a noble mission – to keep alive their heroic acts and follow their path of humanity, goodness and charity.    

Dr Elizabeth Ross and her colleagues Lorna Ferriss and Mabel Dearmer died while looking after tortured and devastated Serbian people most devotedly and against their possibilities and medical oaths. They died and are buried far from their homeland in the country of people to whom they devoted their hearts and we are indebted to keep their memory alive. City of Kragujevac keeps the memory of them as a most remarkable example of humanity, bravery and courage thus acknowledging that their deeds are not forgotten and that their mission to Serbia still lives. This is also a message to the future generations that it is our obligation as a nation to preserve from oblivion the quality, worth and humanity and most of all we have to be committed to the mission of peace maintenance as a most precious priority, said in her speech Dr Damjanovic.  
Extending his thankfulness to the City of Kragujevac, the citizens of Kragujevac, the Red Cross and all people that keep the memory of the brave ladies, the Ambassador of the Great Britain to Serbia His Excellency Denis Keefe pointed to the fact that this year was a year of important jubilees.
We are in the period of important jubilees, this year we mark the end of the WWI. Last year we marked 180th anniversary of diplomatic relations of the Great Britain and Serbia. Of all important dates to me this one is a special not only because we are commemorating the heroins but also because they stand for an excellent example of common values that we shared during the war and now in peace, said the Ambassador Keefe.  

On behalf of the Serbian Medical Society Ranko Golijan the President of Kragujevac Section addressed the present at the commemoration.

In the assisting missions to Serbia during the WWI participated a great number of people and each and every one of them with their sacrifice became the icon of humanity.  

Doktorka Elizabet Ros – ikona humanosti
Doktorka Elizabet Ros – ikona humanosti
Doktorka Elizabet Ros – ikona humanosti
Doktorka Elizabet Ros – ikona humanosti
Doktorka Elizabet Ros – ikona humanosti


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