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Economy and local economic development

City of Kragujevac – City with business friendly environment

On September 30, 2008. municipality of Kragujevac was one of the first 3 municipalities in Serbia that was awarded with the certificate on completion of the criteria of certification program for business friendly municipality. This significant recognition is awarded by Ministry of economy and regional development – NALED to those cities and municipalities that have clearly established procedures and offer the best services and information to business sector.

In the explanation of certification committee it was said that “The city of Kragujevac has made significant effort conducting the series of systems changes in order to create favorable business environment and through direct investments overcomes unemployment problem as one of the biggest challenges for local administration. Accomplished results are visible through the increase of investments, growth of entrepreneurship and creation of favorable business climate…

During the work on the evaluation of the city of Kragujevac, we have gathered arguments and examples that testify how with systematic, planned coordinated approach of local government, the city became (with valid arguments) attractive investment destination in the heart of Serbia that offers firm incentives for the investors…

The impression that is prevalent in the city is enthusiasm and desire for progress that entrepreneurs and citizens are turned into unique vision of economic development of the city through establishment and foundation of industrial zones for new investments and improvement of municipal infrastructure, as a part of the effort towards the development of local economy, as well as the gesture of welcome for every new investor”