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Kragujevac is educational center of Sumadija County. There are 22 elementary and 8 secondary schools. Along side, there are 2 special educational institutions – Boarding School for Deaf Children and School for Mentally Handicap Children. In addition, School of Music Miloje Milojevic provides primary and secondary music education to its pupils/attendants.

Since the first faculty was established in the sixties of the past century, the city developed into the regional university center that includes Faculty of Economics, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Science and Mathematics, Philological and Art Faculty, and four more faculties in other cities (Cacak, Uzice, Jagodina, Kraljevo).

The University of Kragujevac is involved in an international cooperation between universities within the European University Association. It is estimated that 16 000 academics attend this University. There are 1350 employees including 900 teachers and assistants engaged.