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Exhibition “Yugoslav Art of the Second half of 20th Century“

The exhibition “Yugoslav Art of the Second Half of 20th Century“, exhibiting part of the fund of the Art Gallery “Nadezda Petrovic” from Cacak is opened in the celebration of the Day of the City. Julka Marinkovic, the author and the museum advisor of Cacak Gallery opened the exhibition in the presence of the ambassadors, delegations of the sister cities and the representatives of the local authorities.  

Concise representative selection of 40 works of the artists are chosen for exhibition from the collection of the Yugoslav Art of the Second half of 20th Century, some of the works are purchased or gifted from the Memorial of Nadezda Petrovic or exhibitions of awarded artists.  

Although the collection provide a larger not an overall insight relevant for the analysis of a  crucial moments of the Yugoslav Art, this exhibition reflects only the most prominent representatives of the dominant art movements and significant artists in accordance with the gallery space and capacities, explained Ms Julka Marinkovic.  
Paintings are exhibited chronologically starting with the prominent painters, representatives of the specific movements in Serbian painting of the fifties and sixties (Petar Lubarda, Milan Konjovic, Mica Popovic, Vera Bozickovic Popovic, Ivan Tabakovic, Stojan Celic, Pedja Milosavljevic), representatives of the  main streams and  poetics in the art of the Yugoslav cultural space of the sixties, seventies and eighties  (Vladimir Velickovic, Radomir Damljanovic Damnjan, Predrag Neskovic, Oton Gliha, Andrej Jemec, Miljenko Stanicic, Edo Murtic, Zlatko Prica, Zmago Lenardic, Milovan Vidak, Vojislav Stanic, Olga Vujadinovic, Djodrje Ilic, Kosa Boksan, Ferdinand Kulmer, Velizar Krstic, Gordana Jocic, Marija Dragojslovic, Bozidar Danjanovski, Klavdij Tuta, Mileta Prodanovic and many others) including the period of crises when that space seized to exists as an artistic and cultural entirety (Milan Blanusa, Miroslav Djordjevic, Vladimir Dunjic, Uros Djuric, etc).  

The exhibition is opened at the National Gallery until May 18.

Izložba “Jugoslovensko slikartsvo druge polovine XX veka“
Izložba “Jugoslovensko slikartsvo druge polovine XX veka“
Izložba “Jugoslovensko slikartsvo druge polovine XX veka“
Izložba “Jugoslovensko slikartsvo druge polovine XX veka“
Izložba “Jugoslovensko slikartsvo druge polovine XX veka“


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