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Forsaken Dolls Sanctuary

The exhibition Forsaken Dolls Sanctuary of Jelena Salinic Terzic’s paintings and drawings was opened at the Gallery of the National Museum of Kragujevac in the presence of numerous guests and delegations of the twin and friendly cities on the occasion of the Djurdjevdan – the City Day.

We are opening a very interesting exhibition of our fellow citizen who at this Gallery has honored us with a highly unusual and interesting presentation Forsaken Dolls Sanctuary. It is our intention to continue the cooperation with young artists from our city, to that end the doors of the National Museum are opened for the future projects with them, pointed Mr. Nenad Djordjevic, the Director of the National Museum.

Art is a unique form of expression and the universal language that ease the communication among people, as well as the exchange of the experience and values – said at the opening of the exhibition Boris Kovacevic, Non-Commercial Sector Councilor of the City Assembly. All this work of art brings us back the emotions from our earliest childhood, memories of a happy and serene period.

The notion of a doll is one of the first that we meet with in life along with raising the awareness of one’s own existence. A doll is an association to a toy and it evokes positive feelings that bind us with the most serene part of the upbringing and love each and every one of us cherished for their favourite doll. Along with love the author speaks of time and oblivion; all those dolls end up forgotten and dusted in the attics and basements. But even then they are artistic inspiration of great artists.   
Theme and motif of the exhibition Forsaken Dolls Sanctuary – dolls or toys are not new in the contemporary art of the world. This is art structural for “nterpreting“ despite motifs that symbolically very easily may be put into context. The non presence of human bodies and no traces of life in the paintings is not accidental – noted Tatjana Milosavljevic, art historian and the curator of the National Museum.  

Jelena Salinic Terzic is an assistant professor of painting and drawing at the Faculty of Art and Philology in Kragujevac. She is a member of ULUS (The Serbian Association of Fine Arts). Since 2001 she has had over 30 solo exhibitions and received numerous awards and recognitions. 

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