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Slovaks in the Heart of Šumadija

Kragujevac National Museum hosted today manifestations ''Slovaks in the Heart of Šumadija '' in Organization of the Association of Serbian-Slovakian friendship "Serbian Roots" supported by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and the City of Kragujevac.

In the year when Kragujevac celebrates two centuries from the proclamation of the Capitol of modern Serbia and in a day when Kragujevac in cooperation with the Embassy of the Slovak Republic marks the remembrance of the executed Slovaks in Kragujevac this manifestation is aimed to present both culture and customs of the Slovaks as well as to send a message that the friendly relations established in hardships and heaviest of days has its future.

I take the opportunity to extend my thankfulness to the leaders of the City of Kragujevac that assisted us and enabled us to mark this significant day for us in such a way as well as to remember the soldiers executed in the WWI. Today is 100th year from their execution in the rebellion of Kragujevac. There is one interesting symbolic in all this there were 44 of them and exactly 44 years passed since the first Chart on Cooperation of the Cities of Kragujevac and Trenčin was signed. We take the opportunity on this day to renew that Chart, said HE Dagmar Repčekova, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Serbia.

Miljan Bjeletić, member of the City Council in charge of Culture pointed that Slovakia is one of the countries that Kragujevac cherishes friendly relations and that we are connected by the history and most important by the presence.

Slovakia is the country we have intensive cooperation with especially in the sphere of culture, the country we share similar values with. Out of such cooperation last night concert was given that attracted larger public. Today's manifestation "Slovaks in the Heart of Šumadija" is a continuation of the program supported by the City on the call for proposals for the cultural projects-said Bjeletić.

Customs and culture of the Slovaks was presented in the yard of the National Museum by the members of the Association Bački Petrovac, Dobanovac, Boljevac, Padina i Kovačica, places from Vojvodina inhabited by Slovak population. Manifestation was attended by Mr. Rihard Ribniček, the Mayor of Trenčin, and the Board of Matica Slovačka, ex Ambassador of Slovakia Mr. Jan Varšo and bikers from Slovakia.

According to Katarina Mirović, President of the Association of Serbian -Slovak friendship "Slovenski koreni", this is the right opportunity for the citizens of Kragujevac to be introduced to culture and tradition of the Slovaks living in Vojvodina.

- On the porch of Amidžin konak visitors will have opportunity to see handmade pieces and gastronomy specialties of the Slovak minority cuisine. The interior of the Amidžin konak display the photographs from the life and customs of SLovak minority in Vojvodina - Exhibition "One Slovakian Story" by the author Petar Dešić. The display of the dowry of the girl from the end of 18th and the beginning of 19th century part of the installations of the Ethno Museum “Petraš“ by Pavela Petraša from Padina is exhibited in the shelves of Konak. Amidžin Konak also exhibited photographs of Slovak soldiers from the WWI by the author Željko Čepelj as well as naive paintings of Kovačica. The Gallery of the National Museum exhibits paintings of the Slovak artist Rad Van Ladomerski. Numerous folk groups will perform traditional Slovak music and dances in the yard of the National Museum - said Katarina Mirović.

Slovaci u srcu Šumadije
Slovaci u srcu Šumadije
Slovaci u srcu Šumadije
Slovaci u srcu Šumadije
Slovaci u srcu Šumadije


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