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The US Ambassador Mery Warlick visited Kragujevac

Newly appointed US Ambassador H.E. Mary Warlick within her regular activities visited Kragujevac in order to learn more about political, social and economic situation in our city. After meeting with Mayor Veroljub Stevanovic and his associates, a joint press conferance was held.

Her Excellency expressed satisfaction with very succesful talks. “The US Embassy representatives have been collaborating with you for many years now, and Kragujevac is the city that should set an example for other cities and municipalities in Serbia, when it comes to economic development and readiness to react in emergency situations“, said the Ambassador. “It is deep interest of the USA that this city and the region grow and prosper through program of our agency for international development - USAID. We have invested and helped a lot, and our aid has been mainly directed to economic development. Our Embassy has got permanent contact with the citizens of Kragujevac through the American corner, and all our programs show our devotion to this region as well as Serbia on it way to th European Union“, underlined the US Ambassador.

The Mayor expressed gratitude for the visit adding that the US Embassy's aid in past years was preciuos. “I do expect our collabotration, which so far was at the enviable level, to be continued in the future. We had the opportunity today to discuss with Mrs Warlick about topics that are very important for our city as well as for our country, and I do believe that we are going to resolve jointly both political and economical problems. We have a chance to use the possibilities that we are given by the people of the USA. There is also a good will from their part to meet us more often on our mutual pleasure“, said Mayor Stevanovic.

Later on, the Ambassador Warlick paid a visit to the American Corner, the Agency for investment promotion and business support in Central Serbia, the FAS and the Technical and Repair Institute.

Ambasadorka SAD Meri Vorlik u Kragujevcu
Ambasadorka SAD Meri Vorlik u Kragujevcu
Ambasadorka SAD Meri Vorlik u Kragujevcu
Ambasadorka SAD Meri Vorlik u Kragujevcu
Ambasadorka SAD Meri Vorlik u Kragujevcu
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