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Commemoration in honor of dr Elizabeth Ross

His Grace, Bishop of Sumadija, Jovan, with the service of Sumadija Diocese clergy, at City cemetery in Kragujevac, today served the commemoration in honor of dr Elizabeth Ross and killed members of the international sanitary missions in Serbia, from the year 1914 up to 1918. After ceremony, in honor of the 97th anniversary of the death of dr Elizabeth Ross, wreaths by her monument were laid by mayor of Kragujevac, Veroljub Stevanovic, His Exelency British Ambassador in Serbia Michael Davenport, Her Exelency Australian Ambassador in Serbia Helena Stadert, His Exelency Canadian Ambassador Roman Vashchuk, the representatives of the Sumadija managing district, the representatives of  Kragujevac Garrison, the representatives of the Serbian Medical Society of Kragujevac, the representatives of the International Federation of Red Cross and the ICRC, the Red Cross of Serbia, City organization of Red Cross, Association of older warriors from 1912-1920 and Subnor and the representatives of the terrain unit ''Dr Elizabeth Ross''.

His Exelency ambassador of Great Britain in Serbia, Michael Davenport, expressed his thankfulness to the city of Kragujevac and to its citizens, because of the fact that, as he said, they unselfishly keep the memory of dr Eliazbet Ross and the members of the British humanitarian mission, noting that Great Britain values that greatly and that strengthens the friendship between our countries.

On the monument is written: ''To Serbian people you have donated heart'' and I may add that dr Ross and her colleagues in those times of crisis were true ambassadors of our country in Serbia, although they believed that they are just doing their job, they showed that friendship and respect between people is what is most valuable and most permanent in the relations of our countries, they showed us the right way and because of that each one of us should give its own contribution in things in which he is the best -said British Ambassador in Serbia, His Exelency Michael Davenport.

 On commemoration in honor of dr Ross, on behalf of the City of Kragujevac spoke the member the City Council for Health, PhD Aleksandar Zivanovic. Dr Zivanovic said that today we have the opportunity to remind ourselves on the suffering of the Serbian people and the suffering of all those who gave their lives to facilitate the difficulties that have befallen on them, but also to give respect to dr Ross and her contributors, and other heroines of international humanitarian missions that, during the World War II, together with Serbian doctors, lost their lives fighting against the epidemic of typhus fever. Kragujevac remembers, recognizes and respects those people that unselfishly helped and gave their lives for our good. Dr Ross, one of the first female doctors, exceptional intellectual and cosmopolitan, despite everything remained true to her love for humanity, humbleness and, as such, is preserved in the collective awareness of Kragujevac citizens. With her existence she showed how important it is to be philantrophist and to risk own life to help others - said dr Zivanovic.

Pomen dr Elizabet Ros
Pomen dr Elizabet Ros
Pomen dr Elizabet Ros
Pomen dr Elizabet Ros
Pomen dr Elizabet Ros
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