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Great school class

On 21st of October this year by the monument V3 in Sumarice, Kragujevac, Great school class has been performed traditionally. Before that, vicar bishop of Lipljan Mr Jovan held religious ceremony for Kragujevac victims with presence of Sumadija diocese priests. By the Monument for shot pupils and teachers, wreaths were put by the representatives of First Kragujevac Gymnazium, by Serbian president Boris Tadic, the President of Parliament Slavica Djukic Dejanovic, primeminister Mirko Cvetkovic, Vice President of Government Verica Kalanovic, ministers Ivica Dacic, Vuk Jeremic, Zarko Obradovic, Predrag Markovic i Rasim Ljajic, the Mayor of Kragujevac Veroljub Stevanovic and President of Kragujevac City Assembly Sasa Milenic, the representatives of embassies, and friends, the University of Kragujevac, Police Administration, Red Cross, political parties and a lot of other people.

After anthem “Boze Pravde“, Serbian president Boris Tadic adressed the present people, and at the begining said “We are in Kragujevac today in honour of Kragujevac massacre victims, victims of Kragujevac autumn 1941. and all Serbian and other innocent victims of WWII. At this place of suffering, pain and dead hopes, we are looking at the depth of evil that Nazism has brought to Europe and to World, and we keep on wondering what are the lessons of 21. of October“, said Serbian president and he emhasized three lessons. First lesson, as he said, is that the Serbian victims in the 20th century, in both Serbian wars, are embeded in the foundations of Sebian State. Historical memory of these victims is a part of identity of Sebian people and heritage that makes us obligated. The second lesson, that president Tadic emphasized, is a lesson of peace. Immense Serbian victims in previous century have sense only if we provide for them safe future, permanent peace and Regional stability. And the third message is that our historical experience shows us that freedom traditions of Serbian people, so revived in spring and autumn of 1941., are best confirmed in democracy and rule of laws.

On Great school class this year was also performed the poem “When innocent souls go away“, for which the text was written by Dragan Jovanovic Danilov and the director was Andrijana Videnovic. It was performed by actors Svetlana Bojkovic, Mirko Babic, Sergej Trifunovic, Dejan Cicmilovic, Isidora Rajkovic, Darija Nesic...The music was made by Zoran Hristic, choreograf was Vera Obradovic Ljubinkovic, and the scene and costume were in charge of Dejan Pantelic. Poetical applet of Dragan Jovanovic Danilov, dedicated to Kragujevac tragedy, belongs to top of huge number of poems that are written by our most respected poets, dedicated to this event, which served as a base for performing of manifestation “Great school class“.

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