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Humanity without borders

Today Kragujevac commemorates 99 years since the death of Dr Elizabeth Ross and the other members of British medical mission that gave selfless support to Serbian people in World War I. On this occasion the Mayor of Kragujevac, Veroljub Stevanovic and Deputy Mayor, Nebojsa Zdravkovic organized a reception for their Excellencies ambassadors and guests from Great Britain, Canada and Australia, representatives of the international committee and Red Cross Federation, who came to Kragujevac to pay their respect to these courageous women. The reception was also attended by Ben Johnston, descendant of Flora Sends who fought with Serbian soldiers, the only woman who reached the rank of Sergeant and subsequently received the highest decoration of the Serbian Military, the Order of the Karađorđe's Star for exceptional courage shown. Another guest of the ceremony was Sandy Wilson, descendant of Baroness Eveline Haverfield, who supported the work of hospitals, opened canteens and homes for orphans of the war.

“We have gathered here today in the memory of these brave women from Britain and Scotland that gave selfless support and aid to the citizens of Kragujevac, soldiers and victims of war, sacrificing their own lives, Deputy Mayor, Nebojsa Zdravkovic, pointed out. These are exceptional examples of humanity and sacrifice. The least we can do today is to express our deepest gratitude and cherish the memory of these women’s great courage.”

“This is a grand deed which should never be forgotten”, the Mayor of Kragujevac, Veroljub Stevanovic emphasized. Out of too much love and devotion to justice and truth, these women had wittingly faced death. By the end of this year, it will be 100 years from the start of World War I and the City Assembly has declared this year as the Year of Defense and Freedom. Having in mind the mark, members of medical mission left in history of Kragujevac, the following year that will be 100th commemoration of the death of Dr Elisabeth Ross, will be dedicated to this jubilee, said Veroljub Stevanovic.

Expressing his gratitude to Kragujevac for cherishing the memory of members of British humanitarian mission, Chargé d'Affaires at the British Embassy added that the sacrifice of these heroines is one more reason to send the message of piece from this city.

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