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Ingolstadt and Kragujevac through the photography objective

In the University gallery, this evening, an exhibition of photographs “Meetings“ by Predrag Cile Mihajlović and Hubert P. Klocek was opened to mark 15 years of cooperation between Kragujevac and Ingolstadt. Opening of the exhibition was attended by Sepp Misslbeck, deputy mayor of Ingolstadt and Radomir Nikolić, the mayor of Kragujevac, as well as the representatives of twin towns’ delegations who came to Kragujevac within the ceremony of celebrating the day of the city and their hosts. 

“I, as the oldest member of the City Council in Ingolstadt, have the honour to be with you today and to open this exhibition. Despite the past that we share, we are here today with the wish and tendency towards friendship and a duty to transfer it to younger generations. The idea of the exhibition “Meetings” was to see the faces of both cities “in the eyes of the other one”. Announcing the jubilees such as 15 years of partnership of Kragujevac and Ingolstadt, 200 years of proclaiming Kragujevac to be the first capital, we have organized this joint photography project with the exchange of photographs,“ said Sepp Misslbeck, deputy mayor of Ingolstadt, opening the exhibition.

Hubert Klocek arrived to Kragujevac in May last yearTop of Form, and in return, Predrag Cile Mihajlović stayed in Ingolstadt in June 2017. Their task was to discover “the other, unknown city“ through the objective of their cameras.

“Photographs are a bridge and a connection between people, they build mutual understanding and acceptance, also overcoming the past and show that a joint road to the future is possible. This is just a piece of a mosaic which shows how versatile and vivid our friendship is,“ said Sepp Misslbeck.
The photographer Hubert Klocek said that Kragujevac had enchanted him in a special way, and that he had made new friends in this town.

“In Ingolstadt I miss many places where the past and the present meet. This is why I have let my heart to guide me towards those places and I presented them in these photographs,“ said Hubert Klocek. 

Predrag Cile Mihajlović, the photographer from Kragujevac thinks that Ingolstadt as a city is even more beautiful, and that he has not succeeded in “capturing“ that beauty in his photographs. When he stayed in this town again, this year, due to the opening of the exhibition, about a month ago, this city looked more beautiful than in the photos. 

“But a photograph is also a document of how we look like, we here and they there, how others see us, and it remains that we draw some new conclusions from it,“ said Cile Marinković.

Ingolštat i Kragujevac viđeni kroz fotografske objektive
Ingolštat i Kragujevac viđeni kroz fotografske objektive
Ingolštat i Kragujevac viđeni kroz fotografske objektive
Ingolštat i Kragujevac viđeni kroz fotografske objektive
Ingolštat i Kragujevac viđeni kroz fotografske objektive


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