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Investment Forum in Xi’an

Connections of Xi’an and Kragujevac are much more than coincidence and accordingly the expectation of the cooperation between two cities are high both in China and Serbia. We expect the beneficial relations for both sides and our visit should be a turning point for operationalization and concretization of the cooperation of two cities in the fields of common interest such as industry, trade, tourism, culture and science, emphasized the Mayor Radomir Nikolic addressing the Conference for the Investment Promotion in Xi’an that gathered 300 participants.   
Cooperation with Xi’an is of vital significance for Kragujevac. Being older and larger city Xi’an has large and considerable experience in both domestic and foreign investments attraction. Experiences of Xi’an in the segment of local authorities and investors relations will be very beneficial for our City. Geographical position of Serbia, especially of Kragujevac historically is at the crossroads of Europe, excellent connection with all European capitals, exceptional natural potentials for organic fruits and vegetables production, cattle breeding as well as other agriculture production at one hand and exquisite tourism potentials and tourism investment potentials on the other hand. 
Kragujevac is university centre with industrial tradition of 170 years. We produce cars and weapons that are launched on the markets worldwide. New investments in industry is our priority and we expect all interested Chinese investors, emphasized the Mayor Nikolic in his presentation of the potentials of Kragujevac. Some of economic benefits of investment in Kragujevac are work attitude, readiness of the local self-government to fully meet the needs of the investors, access to European and Russian markets; Serbia has special free trade agreements for the products produced in Serbia and exported to Russia.

I cannot help but express my personal pleasure for the fact that Serbia at the Fair of Xi’ian has a status and privilege to be a guest of honour. In my country this privilege is related for the connections of two cities that add significance to my City and the responsibility for being presented in its best at this fair. For the annual Fair we prepared the set of projects “Gate of Europe“ to be presented to the Chinese investors.

The agreement on Financial and Trade Cooperation of two cities is signed today in the presence of the Mayors of Kragujevac and Xi’an. The Agreement is signed by Igor Mitrovic, member of the City Council for Finances and Yao Yong Deputy Director of the Chamber of Economy of Xi’an.

Seminar za promociju investicija u Kragujevcu
Seminar za promociju investicija u Kragujevcu
Seminar za promociju investicija u Kragujevcu
Seminar za promociju investicija u Kragujevcu
Seminar za promociju investicija u Kragujevcu


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