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Investments Promotion Seminar of Kragujevac

Seminar for Investments Promotion of Kragujevac is opened with the promo movie projection “Say Kragujevac“. Mayor Nikolic addressed the gathering after the welcome speech of the  Deputy Mayor of Xi’an.

The Mission of people who are leading the cities is focused on both the local economy revitalization and local economic development. This programme is implemented with the Government of the Republic of Serbia. It is focused on capital investments and the establishment of the international relations. Once the relation is established local self-governments are free to cooperate without limits with the investors in all spheres of economy.  

Kragujevac is today presented to the Chinese investors with the batch of projects “Gate of Europe“.
With the Project Industrial Park “Phoenix“ Kragujevac intends to develop industrial zone by constructing the infrastructure and production premises that would bring in investors and initiate the industrial production.

With the Project “Food Road“ we are concerned to find partners for food production and processing that would be launched at the market of China.

Kragujevac is looking for a Chinese partner for the Movie City Project “Valter Studio“ with the intention to build cultural bridge between Europe and China in cooperation with world leading Director Emir Kusturica on the position of a Project creative director.
Fourth project Entertainment Park “Dragon Land“ is intended to enhancement of the tourist offer of the Region as a whole. The projection of the promotional movies Phoenix, Food Road, Dragon Land and Valter Studio is followed by the presentation of a Project Coordinator and individual  talks with the concerned investors.

Beside the mentioned projects of Kragujevac, businessmen from Serbia present their products, too at the Silk Road Fair in China amongst whom agricultural producers are most numerous.  

Investicioni forum u Sianu
Investicioni forum u Sianu
Investicioni forum u Sianu


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