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Kragujevac - the City of the Safe future for our Children

In the presence of the guests and friends of Kragujevac amongst whom their Excellencies, the Ambassadors of Belarus, Palestine and Poland, representatives of the Embassies of China, Rumania and Russian Federation, delegations of the friendly and sister cities, Members of the Parliament, representatives of the University, religious communities, judiciary, national institutions and organizations at the old Assembly building the solemn session of the Kragujevac City Assembly  is held in honour of the St. George – City Day. 
The President of the City Assembley Mr. Miroslav Petrasinovic in his address recalled that we celebrate these days the historical decision of the Prince Milos who at the St. George Day in 1818 at the Assembly of the national leaders at the Monastery of Vracevsnica decided to proclaime Kragujevac of the first capital of the liberated Serbian State.  

Approaching the jubilee of celebrating two centuries of this historic decision that rooted the future of the then Turkish casaba, our intention is to create the environment of Kragujevac where each one will  have the capacity to plan his/her life in advance, further to make our City the place where our children will have safe future – said in his  address the Mayor of Kragujevac Mr. Radomir Nikolic.

In between two St. George festivities a lot has been done to facilitate the birthrate increase, education, recreation and entertainment.
Three secondary and three primary schools are completely reconstructed, the insufficient capacities of the kindergartens to host 1300 children are solved by subventions provision for the children accommodation at six private kindergartens. Free seven day holiday at Kopaonik was provided last year for the first time for approximately thousand children from socially vulnerable families along with the free books for all first grade pupils. 
City of Kragujevac will open very soon the Institute for Intrauterine Insemination and Artificial Insemination within the Clinic Centre with 150 interventions annually financed by the State. Additionally the City is financing the fourth artificial insemination try. First baby was born in Kragujevac at the beginning of the year within the mentioned programme. Centers of Excellencies, unique scientific – research institution of the kind in Europe construction  within the University is financed by the State.
Looking into future we created new get together place – Creative Park on 10.000 m2 that puts Kragujevac among eleven cities in Europe that provided such  facilities for the youngest.
Children are our joy, love, care and hope for a better future. We strive to, stressed Mr. Nikolic make our children overcome us.

Recognitions and awards are given for the merits at the solemn session. Annual awards of – St. George awards for the merits publically announced in the year 2016 are given to Zoran Petrovic in the field of art, Dr. Vladica Stanojevic for the humanitarian activity and to the University Sport Association Kragujevac for sport. St. George Plaques are given for the exquisite promotion and affirmation of  the City of Kragujevac in the country and abroad to his Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus Mr. Vladmir Chushev, his Excellency the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Li Manchang as well as the Paralympics Mr. Goran Nikolic. 

Kragujevac – grad u kome će naša deca imati sigurnu budućnost
Kragujevac – grad u kome će naša deca imati sigurnu budućnost
Kragujevac – grad u kome će naša deca imati sigurnu budućnost
Kragujevac – grad u kome će naša deca imati sigurnu budućnost
Kragujevac – grad u kome će naša deca imati sigurnu budućnost


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