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Kragujevac symphonic-rock concert

The celebration of Saint George’s Day – the day of the city ended with the Kragujevac symphonic-rock concert which took place last night at the Square at the Cross. 

On Saint George’s day, traditionally, guests and citizens of Kragujevac enjoyed the concerts of soloists, bends and groups which with the Symphonic Orchestra performed pop and rock compositions the audience liked. 

The Symphonic orchestra of the city of Kragujevac performed for the first time within May festivities in 2015, and this year they were conducted by Vojkan Borisavljević. The audience in Kragujevac knows Maestro Borisavljević as both a composer and a conductor, because he has had tens of concerts. 

Music center, as the organizer of the concert, with the sponsorship of the city of Kragujevac gathered well known bends and soloists of Kragujevac who performed their hits in new arrangements with the Symphonic orchestra.  

Osvajači, Debela Nensi, Propaganda 117, ČBS, Agata and Jelena Tomašević with known hits and good sound attracted many participants. 

Kragujevac symphonic-rock concert traditionally ended with magnificent fireworks from the building of the City assembly.

Kragujevački simfo-rok koncert
Kragujevački simfo-rok koncert
Kragujevački simfo-rok koncert
Kragujevački simfo-rok koncert
Kragujevački simfo-rok koncert


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