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Kyjov and Kragujevac marked 15 years of Cooperation

Celebration of the Day of the Republic and the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic independence organized in Kyjov was attended by three member Delegation of the City of Kragujevac Miroslav Petrasinovic, President of the City Assembly, Ivica Momcilovic, Deputy Mayor and Nikola Urosevic Mayor's Assistant for Sport Development. That was also the occasion for handing over the recognitions and awards to those that supported the establishment and enhancement of the cooperation between Kyjov and Kragujevac.

At the reception organized at the occasion by the Mayor of Kyjov Frantisek Lukl with associates  along with the cooperation and friendly relation of the two cities, good and friendly relations of Serbian and Czech people and political situation, the project of constructing two identical multifunctional playgrounds in Kyjov and Kragujevac was also discussed. That will, reminded Miroslav Petrasinovic, mark 15 years of the establishment of the South Moravian Region Office in Kragujevac back in 2003 and first mutual camp of Serbian and Czech children in Hutisko - Solanec. The playground in Czech Republic will be constructed within that sport complex and another at Bubanj in Kragujevac. The investments for both playgrounds in the amount of 400 000 Euros will be inanced from the special funds of the Czech Government under the patronage of the Czech Republic President Milos Zeman. The South Moravian Region  provide for the significant Project support.  

Delegation of the City of Kragujevac visited the Camp Hutisko-Solanec where 40 youngsters from socially vulnerable families stay supported by the City of Kragujeva Red Cross Organization. Most meritorious for the establishment of the mutual Czech - Serbian children camp and the initiation of the cooperation of our two cities Nevenka Bogdanovic, Secretary and Ljubisa Milojevic, Vice president of the Red Cross City Organization and Vladimir Paunovic basketball player from Kragujevac were awarded on that occasion.

Three member Delegation of Kragujevac attended the opening ceremony of the international Yubasket camp for the enhancement of individual skills by experienced coaches. This year the camp gathered 250 children from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Kragujevac, their stay is financially supported by the City Administration.

Kijov i Kragujevac obeležili 15 godina saradnje
Kijov i Kragujevac obeležili 15 godina saradnje
Kijov i Kragujevac obeležili 15 godina saradnje
Kijov i Kragujevac obeležili 15 godina saradnje
Kijov i Kragujevac obeležili 15 godina saradnje


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