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Location & Market

Location and market

The City of Kragujevac is situated well geographically, in the heart of Serbia (center of Shumadija and Pomoravlje region), 140km to the south of the capital city of Belgrade by the highway E 10, on the banks of Lepenica river. The City coordinates are North Geographical Latitude 44° 22´ and East Geographical Longitude 20° 56´. Kragujevac covers an area of 835 square kilometres. Average height above sea level is 180 m. The climate of the whole Central Serbia region is continental. The average annual temperature is the highest in July 27 C and the lowest in January – 0.5 C, while the average annual temperature is 11.5 C.

The City of Kragujevac is economic, cultural, educational, health and political hub of Shumadija and Pomoravlje.

Kragujevac is the largest city of the District of Shumadija with the total population of 180.252 and fourth largest in Serbia. The urban population accounts for 147.473 and rural 32.779 inhabitants.

Kragujevac is a University Centre. University of Kragujevac is established in 1976. and is comprised of 11 faculties that have vibrant scientific and research activities.

Accessibility and infrastructure City of Kragujevac’s distances from:

  • Hungary – 321 km
  • Bulgaria – 155 km,
  • Montenegro – 250 km,
  • Croatia – 250 km,
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – 150 km,
  • Macedonia – 316 km.

Distances from major nearby airports in the country:

  • Airport “Nikola Tesla” Belgrade - 140 km,
  • Airport “Konstantin Veliki” Nis – 160 km and
  • Future regional airport Ladjevci Kraljevo – 60 km.

Kragujevac is connected with four main railway roads:

  • Kragujevac – Belgrade – Subotica - Budapest
  • Kragujevac – Nis – Sofija
  • Kragujevac – Podgorica – Bar (sea port)
  • Kragujevac – Skoplje – Thessaloniki (sea port)