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Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Kragujevac and UNDP

On the basis of the achieved results Kragujevac along with Pancevo is identified as the most advanced City in the sphere of introduction of the System of Energy Management. On that occasion the Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the City of Kragujevac is signed. Project is developed by the UNDP and is implemented in Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Mining and Energy.

Energy Management improvement has manifold benefits taking into account the data that Serbia is spending 4 times more energy that EU – countries – pointed Ms. Steliana Nedera Deputy Resident Representative of the UNDP and added that efficiency improvement increased energy safety and decreased the dependence on export on national level. At local level substantial financial saving is provided both for the public sector and citizens who will pay fewer bills. Project among other things provides for the application of software for permanent monitoring, analysis and reporting on expenditures and spending of both energy and water.  

In accordance with the programme implemented by corresponding Ministries and the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the budget over the last two – three years we reconstructed a large number of facilities and achieved significant results regarding the expenditures – pointed the Mayor Radomir Nikolic. Led lighting introduced at Primary School Stanislav Sremcevic decreased the electricity expenditures by 40 %.  The idea is to continue with the programme and Memorandum is a part of the story as a whole that would enable control of the energy use in all premises under the authority of local self-government primarily schools and kindergartens. In addition to smaller bills and use control, there are alarms for excessive use of energy and water.

Кragujevac is among the first cities in Serbia that founded the Department for Energy Efficiency with appointed Energy Manager. Over past three years according to Energy Manager Mrs. Ana Radojevic 200 million RSD is invested in the reconstruction of ten primary and secondary schools with the support of the Office for Public Investments Management, Ministry of Education and German Development Bank KfW, All these premises are upgraded for one energy class.
This year plan envisages energy upgrading in ten kindergartens that will provide for energy saving by heating disconnection over weekends and holidays.

Project that is going on for 5 years and is worth 2.5 million $ is presented by Ms. Marijana Matejic Portfolio Manager – Energy UNDP. Costs of the initiated investments will make Project costs of 20.5 million $, she added.  Кragujevac has very serious approach to this activity and several years now works most efficiently. Due to the latter Kragujevac deserves additional support and introduction of advanced  tools and we will work together on preparion of new modules and information system functionality.  

City of Kragujevac entered 240 buildings or part of the buildings into the information system with accompanying bills, that is the best result in Serbia, said Ms. Marijana Matejic.  

Kragujevac is implementing several projects in cooperation with the UNDP and we applied with the project proposal for the reconstruction and upgrading ISEM base. The idea is – said Ms. Natasa Pesic – Radosavljevic  Head of City Administration for Project Management and Sustainable Development,  to expend the base to private sector and 300 buildings managers are already included whose interest is to measure  the use and make analysis.

Memorandum o razumevanju između grada Kragujvca i UNDP
Memorandum o razumevanju između grada Kragujvca i UNDP
Memorandum o razumevanju između grada Kragujvca i UNDP
Memorandum o razumevanju između grada Kragujvca i UNDP
Memorandum o razumevanju između grada Kragujvca i UNDP


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