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Udruženje kragujevčana


Natural resources

City of Kragujevac, as a tourist destination, is significant due to cultural and historical heritage, natural surrounding, and good and hospitable people.

In the immediate surrounding of Kragujevac there are 20 monasteries, some of them are dated from 14. and 15. century.

In the city there are four hotels, two motels and three hostels with approximately 300 rooms and 500 beds. Besides, the city has 300 restaurants (over 50 deluxe) that offer dishes from Sumadija and adequate music. Number of tourists that visit Kragujevac each year is between 30.000 and 40.000.

Kragujevac has following sports and recreation facilities – Hala “Jezero”, city swimming pools, “Spomen park Sumarice” and lakes Bubanj and Sumarice.