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Peace above everything

In Kragujevac 24th General Assembly of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities began today, with presence of 19 delegations and 14 countries.By regarding guests, Veroljub Stevanovic, as a host mayor of Kragujevac city, expressed his pleasure that, in the days when our city is renewing memory considering massacre committed by German Nazis, we have an opportunity to discuss about possibility of happier and more peaceful world, and raise our voice together against war and suffering everywhere in the world and to transmit message of peace.

« We in Kragujevac have a deep belief that local communities and their authorities, as the closest to citizens, are the most authentic demonstrator of the necessities and interests of citizens.We, as representatives of citizens, as leaders of these communities, as legal demonstrators of their necessities and interests, recognize peace as the first assumption of their happiness and prosperity. There is no sustainable development, so much discussed, and possible prosperity, so desirable, without peace, tolerance and mutual solidarity between states and people”, said Stevanovic. The mayor of Kragujevac added that Peace Messenger Cities, and among them Kragujevac, who are recognized for their commitment for nurture and developing culture of peace, have a right to ask from the most important international organizations for peace to be above everything else.

The president of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities, Alfred Marder, thanked for the opportunity of holding General Assembly of this International Peaceful Association in Kragujevac, city that is a victim of WWII. He said that whole world is familiar with the fact that Kragujevac is promoting antiwar politics and calls for peace and tolerance by performing different programs, of which some, as a Saloon of Antiwar Cartoon, are lasting for a couple of decades. « We are here to promote voices of cities for peace and fortune, because the city that is rich and the world that is rich are things that our citizens need”, said Marder. General secretary UN Ban Ki Mun also send his message to 24th General Association of Peace Messenger Cities. He said that General Assembly of Peace Messenger Cities is taking place in time of huge changes and challenges and that is the reason that we have to make plan of action mutually in order to help growing of future generations in the world of sustainable peace, prosperity, freedom and justice. « I believe that is the reason that the world will have to focus on five imperatives-sustainable development, prevention of conflicts, supporting of democracy and human rights, giving support to countries in transition and work with women and young people», said general secretary UN Ban Ki Mun. He added that humanity will soon reach number of seven billion members and that local communities should play the main role in creating future of equality, pride and opportunity for everyone.

During the first day General Assembly of International Association of Peace Messenger Cities discussed Kragujevac declaration, which should be ratified tomorrow, and also the reports of cities members of the Association.

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