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Possible Cooperation of Kragujevac and Azerbaijan

Radomir Nikolic, the Mayor of Kragujevac organized the reception for the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, his Excellency Mr. Eldar Hasanov, Mr. Javanshir Majidov, First Secretary for Economic Affairs and Mrs. Natalia Popescu the Executive director of the Serbian – Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce.   

 The reception was attended by Milan Urosevic, President of the City Assembly, Minja Obradovic, member of the City Council in charge of the International Cooperation and Project Management, Predrag Dzajevic, member of the City Council in charge of Investments, Boris Kovacevic, member of the City Council in charge of the Non- Commercial Sector and Predrag Lucic, President of the Regional Chamber of Commerce. Amongst other issues, the possibility of potential cooperation in the field of agriculture, processing and textile industry was also mentioned at the reception.   

I am very glad that I have visited the city rich with history, culture and tradition and that I was presented with the in detailed information on economy, investments and the culture by the representatives of the City of Kragujevac. Azerbaijan already participates in the number of projects in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.  Based on the experiences of our investors we could say that fruit and vegetable processing, agriculture and infrastructure are fields of considerations whilst the details would be agreed with the Mayor and his team- said on the occasion the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Serbia, Mr. Eldar Hasanov.  

Zastava Arm factory is exporting the products to Azerbaijan and currently 14 Serbian companies of different profiles are running the business in this country. Azerbaijn companies on the other hand already initiated the infrastructural projects in Serbia such as the Corridor 11.  

Due to the fact that the proposal for the transfer of the foundation rights over Small Grains Centre to the City, in the agreement with all relevant national authorities is before the Government of the Republic of Serbia we have had finally the opportunity today to talk with prospective contacts of the investors without the burden of the ownership over the land. Relevant information related to the 50 ha site at the very entrance to the City that finally can be used. The contact with investors that are ready to invest in the development of the prospective industrial zone is asked for- said Mr. Nikolic and added that the issue will be also discussed with representatives of all embassies as well as chambers of commerce that visited Kragujevac but could not be presented with concrete offer at the time due to the ownership over the land.  

The Mayor Nikolic received from his Excellency the Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Eldar Hasanov  the book “Balkan Bridges of Friendship“ whose author wrote about rich history, culture and architecture and famous persons of the Western Balkan. The book refers to the region of Western Balkan as a significant part of Europe with large potentials and resources to transform it into the territory of peace, safety and economic prosperity.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan in today In Kragujevac, paid the visit to the First Technical School, laid the flowers at the monument V3 and visited the Museum “21. oktobar“.  

Moguća saradnja Kragujevca i Azerbejdžana
Moguća saradnja Kragujevca i Azerbejdžana
Moguća saradnja Kragujevca i Azerbejdžana
Moguća saradnja Kragujevca i Azerbejdžana
Moguća saradnja Kragujevca i Azerbejdžana


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