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Reception of the guests of Kragujevac

The mayor of Kragujevac, Radomir Nikolić, organized a traditional reception for guests – the representatives of friend cities and twin towns who attended May festivities and the celebration of 200th anniversary of proclaiming Kragujevac the first capital of modern Serbia. 

“Saint George’s day is not only the day of the city, but also a thanksgiving day for everything our ancestors have left to us. It is the day of pride for everything we have done to make Kragujevac a place of progress, creation, meetings and cultural strivings and all kinds of beauty again,“ said Radomir Nikolić. “We are proud of our city. Certain of our capacity to respond to all challenges that the future imposes, we believe in the unfailing potential of the citizens of Kragujevac – workers, pupils, students, entrepreneurs, company owners, good hosts.“”

“Kragujevac is our capital. We have a vision. And it will be getting better,“ said Nikolić, “Because of this we celebrate this event with a smile on our faces, in the light of togetherness with our friends from the whole world, with respect and love for our city.“

The representatives of Carrara in Italy and Bielsko-Biala in Poland, which started cooperation in 1975 and 1977 respectively, pointed that today the potential of Kragujevac could be seen on every step and in every respect, that the city is becoming more developed and prosperous. “Although we come from different countries and speak different languages, what connect us is Kragujevac,“they said. 

“Thanks to preserving the tradition, potential and citizens’ initiative, Kragujevac is developing fast and in all segments. Today, this is a modern city with enchanting beauty, kindness and hospitality,“noticed the guests from Belarus. 

Greetings for the jubilee were also given by the delegation from Germany. “Kragujevac and Ingolstadt celebrate 15 years of cooperation this year and this is an excellent example for the whole Europe which shows how important it is to nurture twinning relations between our two cities. It is our task to also transfer the same form of partnership to our youth.“

The representatives of 12 cities, friend cities and twin towns, among which guests from Jericho, Suth Moravian Region of the Czech Republic, Ohrid, Oštra Luka, Prijedor, the Old City-Sarajevo, congratulated to all citizens of Kragujevac  and thanked for excellent organization of May festivities, which had made their stay in the town pleasant and unforgettable. 

The guests from Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded the mayor, Radomir Nikolić, the symbol of the town – the key of Mostar. All friend cities and twin towns received a gift, the drawing with the figure of Saint George, a piece of work of academic painter, Nenad Ristović, as a memory of 200th anniversary of proclaiming Kragujevac the first capital of modern Serbia.

Prijem za goste Kragujevca
Prijem za goste Kragujevca
Prijem za goste Kragujevca
Prijem za goste Kragujevca
Prijem za goste Kragujevca


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