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Remembering the Ones Who Never Came Back from Sumarice

Traditional October reception of the delegations and distinguished guests was organized by the Mayor of Kragujevac Radomir Nikolic and his associates at the City Hall.

Sumadija has always been rebellious and ready for the uprising, said the Mayor Nikolic in his address to those present. The Germans thought that bombing of Belgrade on April 06, 1941, the clear message had been sent to the Serbian people. However, the people did not reconcile with the occupation, so the fighting began all over Serbia. In Kragujevac surroundings the reaction of local inhabitants was unexpected too for the German army, who suffered a great loss. Accordingly, they made a decision aiming to frighten both the army that fought against them and the local inhabitants. The order was for every killed German soldier, a 100 civilians were to be shot, and for every wounded 50.

The written sources tell us a  lot about the days that preceded the shootings and the days the revenge was taken. The most tragic testimonies are those of the victims that survived the killing. One of them tells about the German officer who could not fulfill the revenge quota, and consequently entered the Grammar school taking out of its school benches 300 pupils and taking them to Sumarice. They never came back from Sumarice.

Kragujevac together with its friends from the country and abroad remembers every October these pupils, fathers, brothers, neighbors and friends, summarizing the destinies of innocent people who were sentenced to the most severe punishment. The reception was attended by the sister city delegations and the diplomats of the Embassies of Germany, Palestine, Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Israel, Russia and Belarus.

Oni se iz Šumarica nisu vratili
Oni se iz Šumarica nisu vratili
Oni se iz Šumarica nisu vratili
Oni se iz Šumarica nisu vratili
Oni se iz Šumarica nisu vratili


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