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Representatives of Nordic companies visited Kragujevac

The ambassador of Finland in Serbia, H.E. Pertti Ikonen and representatives of the Nordic Business Alliance visited Kragujevac today and met the representatives of the city, public communal companies and Regional Chamber of Commerce. Nordic Business Alliance was interested in the exchange of experiences and cooperation with public communal companies. The  other topic of the talks was the centralized public procurements system which is currently implemented only in Belgrade and Kragujevac and makes great savings in the city budget. 

“You actually already have one of the best Finnish investments in your city, and that is the playground in the Big Park. Investment in your children is certainly the most important investment, and today the representatives of Nordic Business Alliance are here with you, the representatives of five companies which shall invest in the country. All these companies are already doing business in Serbia, and I hope that they will also find business interest in your town. Moreover, you have a centralized public procurement system and we wanted to come and see how it actually functions,“ said Pertti Ikonen, the ambassador of Finland. 

The ambassador pointed that Nordic Business Alliance gathers representatives of companies from Denmark, Sweden and Norway which share same values. Companies from Nordic countries are well known for their innovativeness and quality of products, as well as their good treatment of workers.
“Nordic Business Alliance was established as a business association in 2009 with the aim to connect as many Nordic investors as possible with Serbian investors and to encourage investing in Serbia. We started with seven or eight companies, and now we have almost 50. Here are great companies like Ikea, Telenor, Volvo, Securitas and others. In Nordic countries there are many small and middle-size companies which are actually drivers or economic development. This is where we see the connection when it comes to cooperation with our region,“ says Jasmina Vihnjević, the president of the board of governors of Nordic Business Alliance. 

Nordic countries are well known for a very good and transparent public procurements system. It is planned to have a big conference in Serbia on public procurements at the end of May, and the city of Kragujevac is recognized as a good example in Serbia. Guests on the conference shall be experts from Nordic countries and one of the panelists shall be Danijela Drobnjak, the head of the City administration for public procurements. 

“Nordic Business Alliance is interested in cooperating with the city of Kragujevac, due to good business climate and centralized public procurements system which is very interesting for them. They talk about Kragujevac as a good example in this field. This time they brought five companies with them which are interested to cooperate with our companies. As city management we also have interest to cooperate, in order to provide business investments and support new employments,“ said Ivica Momčilović, deputy mayor of Kragujevac. 

This meeting shall be followed by individual contacts of Nordic companies with companies and public companies from Kragujevac.

Predstavnici nordijskih kompanija posetili Kragujevac
Predstavnici nordijskih kompanija posetili Kragujevac
Predstavnici nordijskih kompanija posetili Kragujevac
Predstavnici nordijskih kompanija posetili Kragujevac
Predstavnici nordijskih kompanija posetili Kragujevac


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