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Serbia's Reputation as Investment Destination Has Been Improved

Mayor of Kragujevac Radomir Nikolic with his associates held a reception for the German Ambassador Axel Dittman and Catrin Czyganowski, the Head of Economy Department at the Embassy. Though this was not his first visit to Kragujevac, for Ambassador Dittman attends the Great School Lesson every year in Sumarice, this was opportunity to present to him our industrial tradition and all the potentials Kragujevac offers to the investors - said Radomir Nikolic.

We talked about German companies that already are doing business in the city, such as Meggle, Wacker Neuson and Siemens, as well as about some future projects. It has been confirmed that the Ambassador will present everything he heard today to the German Chamber of Commerce and  to the investors. We look for the Ambassador to be a good connection for new form of cooperation between Kragujevac and Germany, for the city is of key importance for development in Serbia. Our priority is to get new jobs, Mayor Nikolic pointed out.

Every year on October 21 i visit the Memorial Park in Sumarice, the place where terrible crime in the name of Germany, thus attending this commemorative event is of great importance for me, said Ambassador Dittman. Today's program also included visit to the Memorial Park and lying wreath at the Monument of the Shoot Students and Professors.

Among other things we discussed close collaboration realized with your city, for German companies are doing business here. In addition, this cooperation includes development aid through Kfw, ans well as dual vocational education implemented by Waker Noison and Polithecnic School. Also, we are employed in municipal land consolidation and revitalization of heating plant. There are many fields in which we have tight and close cooperation aiming to provide support for Kragujevac, emphasized Ambassador Dittman. After this meeting he took part at the Conference on the Entrepreneurship in Serbia organized by the Society of Economists of Kragujevac.

Cooperation between Serbia and Germany in the field of economics is very positive and prosperous. More then 350 German companies have been operating in Serbia, providing over 35000 jobs and making 1,8 billion euros investments since year 2000. We closely cooperate on fostering entrepreneurship with both Serbian Government and economic associations. Serbia's reputation as investment destination has been improved, and I find Serbia is on a good path now, he added.

Bolja reputacija Srbije kao investicione destinacije
Bolja reputacija Srbije kao investicione destinacije
Bolja reputacija Srbije kao investicione destinacije
Bolja reputacija Srbije kao investicione destinacije
Bolja reputacija Srbije kao investicione destinacije


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