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Statehood Day celebrated in Kragujevac with solemn academy

The solemn academy named “I Univerzitet... i knjiga...“ is held  in the premises of the old Assembly building in Kragujevac, thus marking the Statehood Day and 181 year from the passing of the Sretenje Constitution in the churchyard of the Old Church.  

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who attended the Solemn Academy, said in his Sretenje speech that today like then we know what to do in order to exist and like our Prince trust ourselves that we need Karadjordje’s courage and as a result Serbia is now again working on itself and believes that the freedom, justice and life are possible.
The faith originated here. And we originated with it. When we tell the stories about our history, about the Nemanjics, Serbian Empire, princes, disregarding their beauty we have to stop them at the point at which the time interrupted them. We must afterwards continue right here with mere recognition that  it was here in Sumadija and Kragujevac where we created a modern Serbian state and where we became Serbia, which was provided to us by a brave soldier, a wise Prince and a Viennese student and their enormous energy and faith. They had courage, they gathered knowledge and were convinced that all depended on their own work. They were united at the time they were successful because only united Serbia could move forward. We today celebrate not only them we celebrate the faith in us and in Serbia, concluded in his speech Aleksandar Vucic.

The Mayor of Kragujevac, Radomir Nikolic said that long time had passed since from Kragujevac came something first in Serbia, but it would come again because it was the destiny of this place and these people.  

We never lost; we always came out as the winners. Once the hardships will pass and we will again regain our good reputation and economic power, but let it be remembered that 180 years after Sretenje Constitution Kragujevac was on the verge of bankruptcy and that the Government prevented it to happen. May it be known that 181 year since Sretenje Constitution was passed Kragujevac could not repay its debt and that the Government again assisted. May the Government and everyone know that 179 year since Sretenje Constitution one decided to become the sipahi and that he was prevented in that- said Radomir Nikolic.  

The actors of the Knjazevsko – srpski theater Sasa Pilipovic, Miodrag Pejkovic, Nikola Milojevic and Milos Krstovic along with the students Miljana Vranic, Kristina Simonovic and Stefan Pavlovic preformed two plays dedicated to Dimitrije Davidovic and Atansije Nikolic within the artistic part of the programme.

The Ceremony was attended by the representatives of the diplomatic corps, ministers in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of the academic community and the members of the congregations.

The Prime Minister of Serbia congratulated to the gathered citizens Sretenje festival and reminded that modern Serbian state was developed in Kragujevac.

We will have to struggle for all we do. That is why I ask you to be undivided, unanimous and united to safeguard our Karadjordje’s and Milos’ Serbia, I am convinced that by working more we will achieve better results –  noted the Prime Minister.

Dana državnosti u Kragujevcu obeležen svečanom akademijom
Dana državnosti u Kragujevcu obeležen svečanom akademijom
Dana državnosti u Kragujevcu obeležen svečanom akademijom
Dana državnosti u Kragujevcu obeležen svečanom akademijom
Dana državnosti u Kragujevcu obeležen svečanom akademijom


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