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The 15th Antiwar Cartoon Salon exhibition at the UN

By announcing the names of awarded cartoonists, the 15th Antiwar Cartoon Salon has begin its life in front of the public eye. Jury in following composition: Spiro Radulovic, Jugoslav Vlahovic, Toso Borkovic, Zigmunt Zaradkiewicz from Poland and Miodrag Stojilovic, director of the Salon, decided to award Grand Prix “The Peace Messenger” and €1.500 prize money given by the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities to Aristides Esteban Hernandez Guerrero of Cuba.

The Antiwar Cartoon Salon was founded on initiative of cartoonists of Kragujevac and journalists of weekly “Svetlost” Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Zoran Glisovic i Miodrag Stojilovic, with the support of journal’s then director Borislava Misic.

“When we established the Salon 28 years ago, there was a fear weather it can live for so long with one subject”, Mr Stojilovic pointed. However, it turned out that the world is extraordinary inspiration for cartoonists since wars haven’t stopped, they have just changed their form and faces, and suffering increased. This is our way to say enough of wars and killings. Throughout all these years the Salon has reached up to now the audience and visited 40 European cities, and attracted six cities to award appropriate prizes. The biggest acknowledgments for the founders and participants of the Salon is its newest affirmation, that is the exhibition to be displayed at the United Nations in new York on November 9.

“Participants at this Salon are building in significant brick into building of cultural politics, the one that represents the City of Kragujevac in the public”, said on that occasion Mr Sasa Milenic, the City Assembly President and Deputy President of the Salon’s Council. The space of our modernity is weighted down with numerous hardships and conflicts, that only just in culture is opening a different world offering possibility of identification and connection between people. The Antiwar Salon is the manifestation that has got the biggest surface of communicative contacts, and is a single manifestation that can commend with million of spectators. The Antiwar Salon, along with the Great School Lesson, is the most prominent manifestation in October marking the identity of our city, which belongs to the great association of Peace Messenger Cities.”

There were 544 entries of 238 authors from 50 countries from each continent at this year’s Salon.

Among the awarded were: the Gold Plague and €1.000 prize money went to Doru Axinte of Romania; the Silver Plague and €800 prize money went to Kuczynski of Poland; while the Bronze Plague and €500 prize money went to Ross Thomson of Great Britain. The Mayor of Bydgoszc (Poland) Award amounts €750 went to Ilya Katz of Israel; the City of Ingolstadt (Germany) Award amounts €500 went to Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Kragujevac, Serbia; the City of Bielsko-Biala (Poland) Award amounts €500 went to Lazo Sredanovic, Radovici, Montenegro; the City of Suresnes (France) Award amounts €500 went to Delcho Mihajlov, Skopje, Macedonia; the City of Pitesti (Romania) Award amounts €500 went to Goran Celicanin, Varvarin, Serbia; the City of Carrara (Italy) Award amounts €500 went to Darko Drljevic, Kolasin, Montenegro.

The 15th Antiwar Cartoon Saloon
The 15th Antiwar Cartoon Saloon
The 15th Antiwar Cartoon Saloon
The 15th Antiwar Cartoon Saloon

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