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The Youth and Education are Very Important in Future Relations

The Exhibition of the French Institute in Serbia “ Ultra Connected Body” is opened at the Polytechnic school in the presence of H.E. Ambassador of France Frederic Mondoloni, Jean-Baptiste Cuzin the Director if the French Institute in Serbia and Miljan Bjeletic member of the City Council for Culture.
- The exhibition you were kind to host today at your school  is a very important topic concerned in France and that is the relation between human body and science i.e. technology at the same time it considers the ethic problems imposed by the topic.  The exhibition is made and presented first in Paris at the Centre of Science and after that it continued to be presented abroad.

We are very interested in cooperation and development in the sphere of education and culture and French Institute in Serbia is every engaged in it. We also provide for the scholarships in the field of science and each year 50 scholarships are approved for excellence in scientific – researches. I also wish to share the message with you that Francophonie i.e. knowledge of French language should go hand- in -hand with scientific work and knowledge – stressed H.E. Frederic Mondolini, the Ambassador of France.

French Ambassador said that he had taken up his position three months ago and a visit to Kragujevac and Polytechnic school were his first official visit to a city and a school in Serbia outside Belgrade. He stressed that his acquaintance with a fact that this school cherished the French presence i.e. connections with France and its culture and that youth and education were very important for the future mutual relations.

Polytechnic school principal Sinisa Kojic expressed his  pleasure  for the visit of  H.E. the Ambassador of France and his associates to Polytechnic school stressing the fact that the school on the day before celebrated 164th anniversary keeping the memory of the school founder the Frenchman Charles Loubry the director of the Foundry in Kragujevac. School documents from the first part of the last century were bilingual Serbia- French and are exhibited at the Museum of the Polytechnic school.  

This is the third exhibition made with the French Institute, and this cooperation is very significant for us. This gallery is new and we try to present to our students apart from the primary educational – bringing up cultural contents as well that are crucial for their further life – said Kojic. 

Mladi i obrazovanje su veoma važni za naše odnose u budućnosti
Mladi i obrazovanje su veoma važni za naše odnose u budućnosti
Mladi i obrazovanje su veoma važni za naše odnose u budućnosti
Mladi i obrazovanje su veoma važni za naše odnose u budućnosti
Mladi i obrazovanje su veoma važni za naše odnose u budućnosti


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