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Wake at the Museum October 21

Izabela Kowalska from Poland is the winner of Grand Prix Peace Messenger of 19th Saloon of Antiwar Cartoon and 1500 € awarded by the International Association Peace Messenger. 
The awarding ceremony is held last night at the Museum October 21 on the eve of 19th exhibition of the International Saloon of Antiwar Cartoon. Miodrag Stojilovic, President of the Saloon Council said that the Jury decided to award the Reanimation of Peace, reanimation of dove as a universal peace symbol with the Grand Prix for it stands for the modest hope in  the disturbed world.   

This 19th Saloon of Antiwar Cartoon in Kragujevac is a record breaking one with authors from all continents. Over 1000 works are submitted depicting the world of wars and suffering. Naturally, authors tended to express their protest, dispute and warn. Ongoing events impacted the cartoonists who could not avoid excessive presence of arms, blood and suffering in their expression. Jury of the Saloon aiming to maintain the universal and noble meaning was strict under the circumstances and gave advantage not to hidden image of the world but to the needed dosage of optimism  emerging from the narrowest corridors of the history and Don Quixotic vision of the world – said Stojilovic.  

Gold Plaque and First Award Winner is Oleg Dergachov from Canada. Silver Plaque and Second Award winner is Huseyin Cakmak from Cyprus while the Bronze Plaque and Third Award winner is Slobodan Obradovic from Serbia. Pavel Matuška from Czech Republic is awarded by the Mayor of Bydgoszcz Award. Jovan Skomac is awarded by the City of Ingolstadt Award. Provijin Stefаan, Belgium is awarded by the Bielsko-Biala City Award. Suratno, Indonesia is awarded with the City of Sureness Award.  Konstantin Kazachev, Ukraine is awarded with the City of  Pitesti Award and Ivan Lazarevic from Serbia with the City of Carara Award. Awards to the absent authors will be later delivered.  

The address of the representative of the City of Ingolstadt, Saloon sponsor of the award that bears its name was very impressive.  

Germans are part of the reminiscence of the 20th century that we are responsible to cherish throughout the history. This day is also the reason for providing one of the awards of the Saloon of Antiwar Cartoon from 2005. Amongst number of the cartoonist of the Saloon for the first time participates a cartoonist from Ingolstadt. This award is a symbol of neither  a life in which we were against each other nor  soulless life we  live each for ourselves but of an  open friendship being there one for another – said Sep Miselbek deputy Mayor of Ingolstadt.

Miljan Bjeletic, Member of the City Council for Culture opened the International Saloon of Antiwar Cartoon.

This Saloon gathered a thousand of cartoonists with a universal idea to dispute the war and violence thanks to commitment of peace promoters and efforts of the City of Kragujevac to preserve the identity of the City as a world antiwar cartoon centre. Today the Saloon is one of the City landmarks representing the identity of the City of Kragujevac and a major cultural manifestation. It is due to the Saloon that the City of Kragujevac is sending a brighter image of our country to the world which is very important to us especially at the time of challenges said Bjeletic.    

Promotion of the play the  Game of Numbers by Mirko Demic  is held after the opening of the Saloon exhibition. Writers Zoran Petrovic and Bratislav Milanovic reviewed the book. The presentation is followed by the City Chamber Choir Liceum concert.

Bdenje u Muzeju “21. Oktobar“
Bdenje u Muzeju “21. Oktobar“
Bdenje u Muzeju “21. Oktobar“
Bdenje u Muzeju “21. Oktobar“
Bdenje u Muzeju “21. Oktobar“


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