Кragujevac is one of the first cities that today has been visited by the newly appointed ambassador of Israel to Serbia, H.Е. Yahel Vilan. During the reception, the Mayor Nikola Dašić briefed the ambassador on the resources of Kragujevac, the industrial tradition, the educational system and on the city positioning within the IT sector.

Kragujevac also has a good will to support anything that can contribute to cooperation development and improvement, in order to become interesting for Israeli investors. We have always had great relations with the people and the Embassy of Israel, said Dašić, thanking for the cooperation so far and for all jointly realized contents. This cooperation has been quite strengthened in the last few years, especially in the field of culture, but also on the other plans. Israel, as a state, has been recognized all over the world as a leader in the development of startups. This is a field where the knowledge of Israeli experts can be of great help to our students in developing creative ideas. The cooperation between Kragujevac and Israel has been also established in the IT sector through mentoring programs, so I expect serious results in the future in those fields.

The friendship between the Serbs and the Israelis is very strong and powerful, said the ambassador Yahel Vilan. We highly respect the relations we had with Serbs in the past, as well as the current ones, wanting to strengthen them in the future. We’ll pay equal attention to the development of all the fields, from the culture tо innovation and technology.

Various historical periods strongly connect the Serbs and the Israelis, and one of them is fostering a culture of remembrance to Holocaust. Next year we will mark the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations renewal between our two countries and, according to Vilan, if corona allows, a part of the program will certainly be organized in Kragujevac.

At the reception it was pointed out that, before opening a new chapter in cooperation, Kragujevac will be the first city in Serbia where, on the initiative of Ahava, the local association of Serbian – Jewish friendship, a square will be named Serbian – Jewish Friendship Square. It will be in the Bagremar quart where is also located the Monument to the executed Serbs and Jews in World War II.

The reception was also attended by Mr. Miroslav Petrašinović, the President of the City Assembly and Mr. Miljan Bjeletić, City Council member in charge of Culture.

After the reception the Israeli ambassador, Yahel Vilan, visited the Museum „21. oktobar“.