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The City of Kragujevac, the mecca for investors

Nowadays, the City of Kragujevac is getting more attractive all the time/day in and day out place to live in, to start one’s business, and interesting destination for foreign investments. It is the city of competent and optimistic young people who are encouraged to stay here. The city had experienced bad economic times during 1990s, but since the general conditions have been much improved, and today it became a mecca for investors, the city with favorable business climate and accelerated local economic development which was confirmed by the National Alliance for local economic development (NALED) certificate.

The Italian Fiat, one of the world’s biggest car manufecturers, signed a contract with the Republic of Serbia on joint investment in Kragujevac company Zastava Automobiles, which is expected to revitalize Serbian car industry, to create new jobs and stimulate a number of other sectors in the city.

In addition, Plaza Centers, one of the leading multinational companies, has began construction works of contemporary multifunctional business and shopping center in the Old Worker’s Colony quarter. The city is one of the biggest building sites in Serbia for companies such as: Mercator, Metro, Tus, Supernova, Nelt, Forma Ideale, are making their investments here. There is the best traffic infrastructure land and a traffic corridor that provides fast and safe conections with suronding areas, while Kragujevac-Lapovo highway is going to link the city to the Corridor 10.

Two other major projects are: business and recreational complex with tennis academy to be built by the family of renowned Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, and multiplex cinema named “Cultural square” in the city center to be developed by famous director Emir Kusturica.

Providing the series of concessions for investors, along with major infrastructure as well as local economic development projects, the city has opened its door to everyone who recognizes good vibrations in business environment, has a vision and a desire for success, healthy competition and profit-making. Kragujevac has been once again proclaimed the “city of the future” and the best host city in Serbia.

The optimism is spreading out across Sumadija and it cannot be stopped! Welcome!