Holocaust, as a symbol of the suffering of the Jewish people, points to one of the greatest wounds of humanity and the most horrible consequence of the World War II that, due to the number of victims, is greater than any genocide known to history, аs such being an important warning to all mankind not to ever happen again anywhere.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked by laying the wreaths and lighting the candles by the Monument to the executed Serbs and Jews in the Bagremar quart, in the organization of the Association of Serbian – Israeli Friendship „Ahava“, under the auspices of the City of Kragujevac. The flowers were laid by the Mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dašić, the President of the City Assembly Miroslav Petrašinović with his associates, Deputy Ambassador of Iarael Maayan Ben Tura, Biljana Ilić Stošić, the Head of Šumadija Administrative District, Associations’representatives.

Day of remembrance of the greatest victims in the history of mankind has gethered us here. We can not return the victims of the Holocaust, but we can save them from forgetfulness, said the Mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dašić. It is our obligation to protect the mankind from similar ideologies. Milions of victims oblige us to do so. During the World War II our brave nations endured great sufferings, so we have a common historical memory of tragic events, and for the citizens of Kragujevac this memorial represents a symbol of bond between two friendly nations united in struggle and suffering, the Mayor Dašić added.

I’d like to thank the citizens of Kragujevac for everything they do as those terrible crimes not to be forgotten. We don’t want the past to burden us and to live that tragedy, but we want it to be a warning as not to happen ever again. It is amazing that, after so many years, the people of Serbia and Kragujevac teaches young people and preserves memories this way, through educations and various manifestations, admonishing at the same time that the most horrible part of history should not be repeated. A similar feeling is also shared by my compatriots and that’s way I’m honored to be here not only as a representative of the state of Israel, but also on behalfe of all future generations, said the Deputy Ambassador of Iarael, Maayan Ben Tura.

On behalf of the organizer Mrs. Sanja Živković, the President of the “Ahava“ Association, has reminded that our common task is to teach the upcoming generations, saving from forgetness not only six milion victims of the Holocaust, but also the other innocent ones.

Today we’ve done so, gathered at the place showing that we don’t respond to hatred by hatred, but by competition in humanity. Three decades ago here was raised a monument to Serbs and Jews, at that time being the first monument in Serbia dedicated to Jews’ suffering, as a symbol of eternal admonition. Nowadays this square bears the name of Serbian – Jewish friendship, confirming the attitude that a civilization consists of willingness to live in community with others. Nurturing the culture of rembembrance we prevent another death of those whose childhood, youth, family memories and love have been extinguished. That’s why we don’t forget, said Sanja Živković, the President of the “Ahava“ Association.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked in a different way this time, with respect to epidemiological measures. In the cultural – artistic part the actors from the Youth Theatre of the Center for Nurturing Traditional Culture ’’Абрашевић’’ performed a part of the play ’’Not to be forgotten’’, directed by Ilija Stepanović.