Welcome to Kragujevac

Good news travels fast, and the citizens of Kragujevac know this and why they rarely boast of themselves. Kragujevac is respected for its successes, not only from the past, but the present as well. It has historic significance as the first capital of a just liberated Principality of Serbia, an industrial tradition of two centuries, an openness to adopt new ideas and businesses, experienced and industrious workers, educated young people, a rich cultural heritage, and optimism, above all.

Today, Kragujevac is a leader of economic development of Sumadija and a community of successful people. Here, ancestors left a heritage of building the present with an eye toward the future, reflected in today’s strength of this city. Kragujevac supports and is the central hub of industrial and economic development, administrative, educational, health, cultural and sporting activities in Sumadija.

Kragujevac is at the crossroads of major national and regional roads, next to the railroad and Corridor 10 that connects Kragujevac with other parts of Serbia and Europe. Kragujevac is not far from the largest airports in Serbia, only requiring from forty minutes to two hours of driving.

Welcome to Kragujevac!

Welcome to the city chosen as an attractive investment place by FIAT, Johnson Controls, Sigit, Meggle Company, TPV, Rap Marine, Hedel Maier, Plaza, Metro, Nelt, VIP, Company Milanovic Engineering and Siemens.

Kragujevac never stops growing, constantly building and developing its capabilities. It boasts new industrial and work zones with complete and modern infrastructure, and incentive packages awaiting future investors. The local administration is ready to meet the requirements of investors promptly.

Kragujevac offers

  • Commitment to vision
  • Strong and stable partnerships
  • Dedicated, industrious and expert population
  • Long term support, friendliness and confidence

Kragujevac opens its doors wide to all who recognize its positive vibration, and those with the vision and desire for business success, fair competition and profit.

If You wish to join the society of the successful – chose Kragujevac!