Nikola Dasic, Bachelor of Economics and Military Officer from Kragujevac, born on March 4, 1975 in Ljubljana. Completed the School of Economics in Kragujevac and Military-Technical Academy in Belgrade.

Began his career as an assistant accountant at the Private Company Stari Hrast he worked for in the period 1993-1994.  In the period 1998-1999 he was the sale manager in the Company “MB Intercom” Kragujevac. From 2002 to 2005 worked at the Headquarters of the Army of Serbia and Montenegro in Belgrade. He was platoon commander – manager of the logistic unit for supplying and equipping of the Ministry of Defense.

In 2005 started to work at the Privatization Agency, Regional Office Kragujevac as a Project Manager assistant and in 2006 became the Director of the Regional Center of Kragujevac.

He continued his business and work career in 2012 at the National Bank of Serbia on the position of the Director of Debt Recovery administration, in 2013 he was appointed Director of Debt Recovery sector and Governor advisory for Regional Supervision of the branch offices in Kragujevac, Nis and Uzice and by the authorization of the Governor coordinated the cash sector and treasury departments at the branch offices of Belgrade and Novi Sad.

He speaks English. Married, father of three children.

Office 107 of the City Hall
Phone: (034) 306 106
Fax: (034) 335 346