Deputy Mayor Ivica Momcilovic and the City Council member for social and health care on behalf of the City of Kragujevac handed over the PCR device to the Institute for Public Health. For more efficient testing of the citizens of Sumadija in the circumstances of coronavirus epidemic, the device is provided by owing to the partnership of the cities of Ingolstadt and Kragujevac with the support of the Engagement Global and the Fund of the ministry for economic cooperation and development of the Federal Republic of Germany. The device was purchased at a price of 3 398 400 rsd.

The City of Kragujevac intermediated and provided the technical support in this purchase which is going to facilitate the exigent and responsible job that the Institute and the laboratory are doing, and also increase the number of tests analysed on a daily basis, said Deputy Mayor Ivica Momcilovic. If in the future the need arises for another technical device that should improve and facilitate the operating of the laboratory, as the City we will always find the way and the means to deliver, he added. I hope that with the immunisation and ever decreasing number of newly infected persons we will be entering a more tranquil and consequently final phase of epidemic.

Acting director of the Public Health Institute docent Dr. Dragan Vasiljevic said that the donation of the partner city of Ingolstadt is the sixth PCR device at the Institute. Three were both by the Institute, one by the National Health Insurance Fund and one by the Chinese company Yanfeng. This donation is of extraordinary importance for the Institute, the city and the entire Sumadija and Serbia, too. With the number of the analytic devices we can commend to be one of the laboratories that can process approximately 1.000 analysis, which is number that was reached twice during the peak of disease.

xed when it comes to the number of analysis and equipment wise we satisfied. What lies ahead of us is to improve our working space because expanding our operations has to be followed by adequate human resources and space. Right now we have made a plan to invest some of our own assets to start solving the problem of the space shortage. As for analysis and job to be done with these number of devices we are much more relaxed, but ahead of us ley new issues of work space and human resources. I hope that we will be able to solve them in the course of this year, Vasiljevic pointed out.

According to him the number of diseased persons in Kragujevac varies between 50 and 70 in the last couple of days, that is the sign that there is no place for relaxation and that the measures should be respected in order for vaccination to be successfully done. Dr. Vasiljevic said that according to some data Serbia has been first in the region and seventh in the world for the number of vaccinated by million of inhabitants. All that indicates that in the foreseeable period we will be entering a more peaceful and under control phase, concluded Dr. Vasiljevic.