The President of the City Assembly Miroslav Petrašinović and the member of the City Council for Health and Social Welfare Dr. Gordana Damnjanović held a reception for the United Kingdom and Canada diplomats to commemorate the 107th anniversary of Dr. Elizabeth Ross’ death and the 145th anniversary of Red Cross of Kragujevac.

The reception was also attended by Dušanka Golubović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, Biljana Ilić Stošić, Head of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje District Administration, Dr. Slobodan Milisavljević, the director of the University Clinical Center of Kragujevac, the representatives of the Health Center and Red Cross of Serbia, the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Serbian Medical Association, a military delegation of Serbia, and family members of Dr. Žarko Vuković whose book about allied medical missions in Kragujevac and Serbia was published.

Together with its allies, Kragujevac – a city of rich cultural and historical tradition, proudly remembers Dr. Elizabeth Ross and the heroic deed of the members of the British medical mission. The remarkable feat of the three young doctors who came to a country affected by war, disease and famine, remains an aspiration for humanitarian workers all over the world – said President Petrašinović.

In the last two years when the world is affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we recognize the importance of doctors who come from other countries to help us and share their medical experience. They give us a distinct picture of the sacrifice and feat of the three young doctors during the WWI. The citizens of Kragujevac proudly keep the memory of the members of the British medical mission who sacrificed their own lives to help our ancestors heal, recover, and then return to the battlefield in defense of our country and people – President Miroslav Petrašinović pointed out.

Mr. Sacha Tomes, Defence Attaché of the Embassy of the United Kingdom, said that the epitome of Dr. Elizabeth Ross sets the foundations for the great cooperation that our countries have and that we will build together in the future. The story of doctor Elizabeth Ross is a great example, especially in the medical world, of how we can all work together and achieve many better things than we can do as individuals. I feel humbled and appreciate the opportunity to celebrate what is a great period between Serbia and the United Kingdom which reflects the fact that we had very difficult times in the past. But most importantly, what we had been able to do is to help each other. – Mr. Tomes emphasized.

After more than a century, we can say with gratitude that Dr. Elizabeth Ross and the members of the British Medical Mission personalize the universal values of each society – said Secretary Golubović as she pointed out the strong message of solidarity and international cooperation which notably contribute to quality of life of every human being as well as to overcoming various crises that we encounter today.

The anniversary of Dr. Elizabeth Ross’ death is the accepted founding date of the Red Cross of Kragujevac. As a sign of great respect the city of Kragujevac has for the British doctor, a street and a youth unit of the Red Cross were named after Dr. Elizabeth Ross.

On this occasion the Red Cross organized an exhibition of photographs at the City Hall presenting the members of the medical missions from the UK, Australia, and Canada who selflessly helped Serbian people during their most difficult times. After the reception, a memorial service was held at the City Cemetary and wreaths were laid at the place where Dr. Elizabeth Ross, Mabel Diermer and Lorna Ferris were buried.