Mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dasic with his associates held a traditional reception at the City Hall for the members of the diplomatic corps and envitees who attended the Great School Lesson.

For the city of Kragujevac October is a month of immence suffering and remembrence, said Mayor Nikola Dasic at his address to attendees. One of the most severe offences in the history of mankind occured right in the heart of Sumadija region. For many of our citizens October 21 is the day they do not talk much about. In retaliation for 10 killed soldiers the German occupying forces executed almost 3.000 civilians, among them were high school students and professors. The exact number of victims of this terrible crime were never affirmed, but this city feels the burden of the tragedy, and worns about bloody victimhood never to be forgoten. Every October 21, on which the WWII Serbian Victims Remembrance Day is marked, we send a messange of peace from Kragujevac appealing to the World for such crime never to happen again, said Mayor Dasic expressing his appreciation for the attendees who came to Kragujevac to share the memory of history’s hard moments, with the faith in peace, tolerance and future.

This reception preceded the Great School Lesson, and was attended by the representatives of the ministries of the Republic of Serbia and the embassies of Germany, Austria, Poland, Great Britain, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, France, Palestine, Israel and Russia.