In the presence of Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, the representatives of the judiciary as well as of the city of Kragujevac, Maja Popović, Minister of Justice, opened the Palace of Justice. It is the largest facility recently built, and it covers 25000 square meters. The funding in amount of 3.2 billion RSD was provided from the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

The Palace of Justice is the seat of 11 judicial bodies, it has 24 trial courtrooms, 72 courtrooms, 12 prosecutorial investigative cabinets, counter hall, court records office, and the archive, that satisfy the highest technological demands and standards.

Minister of Justice Maja Popović has emphasized that this modernly equipped facility enables citizens to perform all tasks related to the competencies of the institutions located in this facility in one place, efficiently, quickly and with as little cost as possible. Around 2.5 million citizens of the Republic of Serbia are under the jurisdiction of the judicial authorities within the facility, and the conditions that it provides will enable easier access to justice, and thus greater efficiency of law.

Thanking Mayor Nikola Dašić for his support and assistance in building infrastructure for the needs of the Palace of Justice, Maja Popović has congratulated all the colleagues who will work in this building. The citizens of Kragujevac and Serbia managed to create conditions for construction of this magnificent building in the heart of Šumadija, which will be the pride of Serbia – Popović said.
Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said that Kragujevac now has one of the most beautiful and monumental buildings, not only in the justice system, but among our public institutions in general.

Speaking about the reforms in the judiciary and the constitutional amendments, she emphasized that this monumental building will mean nothing to our citizens without real reforms of our judiciary, independent judges, responsible and efficient judiciary and prosecutor’s office. That is why it is important to create better working conditions of the judicial system, to ensure that people across Serbia can do their job in the best way possible, responsibly and conscientiously, protecting the citizens, order and laws of our country – said Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.

We are extremely proud of the Palace of Justice. When you have a responsible state and a responsible president, then you have sufficient budget funds so that such a facility can be built. On the other hand, when you have a Mayor who runs the city like it is his home, the city can help with the infrastructural and communal equipment of the plot so that such a facility can be fully functional – said Miroslav Petrašinović, President of the City Assembly. Centers of Excellence are being built near this facility, and not far from here there is the State Data Center. These facilities have revived the city of Kragujevac, and they give us enthusiasm and hope that Kragujevac will develop even more successfully in the coming years – said President Petrašinović.

Aleksandar Blanuša, President of the Court of Appeals, expressed his gratitude to the leadership of the state on behalf of eleven judicial authorities, citizens of Kragujevac, Šumadija, and Central Serbia. He recognizes the Palace of Justice as the largest investment in the history of our judiciary that enabled us to move from a building built in 1905 to a 21st century building. The facility has about 1000 rooms and it covers 25 000 square meters. It has more than 100 courtrooms equipped with the latest technology. The facility meets all the demands of the ideal we refer to as a trial within a reasonable time – said the president of the Court of Appeals.