The Convention, signed by Mayor Nikola Dasic and the Director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture Yevgeny Alexandrovich Baranov, in the presence of City Assembly President Miroslav Petrasinovic and City Council Member for Culture Miljan Bjeletic, formalized cooperation between the City of Kragujevac and the Russian House in Belgrade.

By signing this document, we continue to have good relations with the people of Russia, the Mayor Dasic underscored. We already have a long tradition of cooperation in the fields of education, culture and science, but we want it to be stronger, more diverse and more visible. Thus, in 1988, the NGO School of Peace was founded that gave rise to Kragujevac Youth Center. That Center initiated the Project Serbian-Russian Bridge of Culture few years ago, and in May last year, the Russian Corner started working within the National Library Vuk Kradzic. These are fields in which we can significantly contribute each other as nations with long historical relationship of connection throughout history, Dasic said.

Our peoples are connected by a tragic history, especially in the World War II, which is very important for me as a person, said Yevgeny Alexandrovich Baranov, Director of the Russian Center of Science and Culture, who worked for 25 years as a correspondent for Russian state television before that. Kragujevac is a big city, full of activities, and we want to present the local population here the Russian culture and our possibilities.

According to Miljan Bjeletic, a Member of the City Council for Culture, this Convention envisages the possibility of two-way cooperation. Our initiative is to make our achievements familiar to the fans of Russian culture and art in Belgrade that deserve the attention of the general public as well. We are also looking forward to Russian artists from various fields of artistic creation. Cooperation can be based, expanded and facilitated in other fields, such as education, science, etc. Russia is a country of extremely rich culture and tradition, to which we want to open the door in this way, in order to provide for its more important role in this area, as well. I believe, Bjeletic underscored, that in the upcoming period, our audience will have the opportunity to enjoy quality programs.