In the presence of H.E. Chen Bo, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Tomislav Momirovic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, and the Mayor Nikola Dasic, a new sewerage network setting up began in Kragujevac as part of the Clean Serbia project. First 40 km out of planned 360 km of sanitary sewer and sewerage infrastructure will be constructed in the first stage of the Project that will solve one of the burning utility issues.

Thanks to that Project, the entire city and suburbs will be covered with the most modern sewerage network, said Mayor Dasic, adding that 42 kilometers have already been designed. Four companies, including our Public Utility Company Vodovod i kanalizacija, are included in designing and we expect that by the end of April, all 360 km will be designed. The value of this project is 190 million EUR. However, Dasic pointed out, numbers are not the most important but the fact that we provide for the future to our children – more beautiful and cleaner Serbia. I think that this project is an additional step forward, Dasic said.

Speaking about the Clean Serbia project on the whole that will be implemented in Kragujevac, Minister Momirović said that in addition to the construction of 360 km of the most modern sewerage infrastructure, it includes two wastewater treatment plants, rehabilitation of the existing landfill and construction of a new regional waste management center. We wish that the citizens of Kragujevac have the same utility infrastructure and environmental conditions as developed European countries. We have to leave to our children clean Serbia and we are working on that. That is why we are launching this huge investment wave of communal infrastructure, i.e. environmental projects. In the next five years, we will invest four billion Euros so that 80 percent of local governments in Serbia have built plants for wastewater treatment and sewage infrastructure. He emphasized that it is of vital significance for our country and that we will not give it up.

Momirović expressed his thankfulness to the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Chen Bo, for everything they have achieved together so far. The focus of our attention is on highways, fast roads and railways, but what we are starting here today in the old capital of Serbia, the investment wave we launched together in the field of ecology, is what is crucial for this country.

Expressing gratefulness for the trust expressed in Chinese companies, H.E. Chen Bo remarked that every time she visits Kragujevac, she notices development progress. Today’s project is of great importance for the environment protection, and above all for improving the quality of life. It is an important part of the great project Clean Serbia and I am happy that the Chinese company will give its contribution. H.E. Chen Bo expressed her belief that the Chinese company CRBC will, as always, meet its obligations on time, successfully and with quality.