HE Urs Schmid Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia and the Mayor of Kragujevac Nikola Dasic signed the Memorandum of Agreement on implementation eight year partnership Project of two governments – Switzerland’s and Serbian, designed to create preconditions for a faster recruitment and youth employment.

Agreement envisages mutual support of the City of Kragujevac and Swtiserland – Serbia Project “Education to Employment” for increasing the employability of the youth through on the job trainings at the employers’ on the territory of the City of Kragujevac.

HE Urs Schmid Ambassador of Switzerland Confederation to the Republic of Serbia expressed his pleasure for both visiting Kragujevac and the implementation of the Project “ Education to Employment” that would provide for the opportunity of the significant number of youth from the City and its vicinity to prepare through trainings and work trainings for the labour market. It is excellent to see that after several years of cooperation increasing number of self-governments is deciding to provide certain finances and participate in the Project that we consider a confirmation of success of so far implemented programmes supported by Switzerland. We have sure pleasure to see that the City of Kragujevac recognized the need to participate in such activity and thus assist the youth from the territory of the City on their way to quality employment. Project experiences so far and over 400 youth employed at the companies from Kragujevac proves the benefits of such model, enhancing the local economy through increase active engagement of the young that build their future in their local communities- said Mr. Schmid.

Within the Project “Education to Employment” calls for proposals for employers are announced aimed at organizing on the job training for the young in search for employment through public – private partnership with the companies from targeted areas in Serbia including the City of Kragujevac, This support programme will make selection process, training and employment easier for the employers. For the call for proposals on the territory of the City of Kragujevac the assets for training up to 180 young people at local employers are prepared in total amount of 18 million RSD of which 10% from the City budget. In addition to this amount the employers provide additional assets from their own sources required for organizing work trainings within their premises.

The City of Kragujevac has recognized the potentials of this Project and signing today’s Agreement we participate in with 10% out of total 18 million RSD awarded by the Swiss government to which we owe gratitude for that is very important to us, said Mayor Dasic. I am especially happy, he added, that their motivation and desire to share their experiences with us and donate funds is also reflected in the fact that HE the Ambassador Schmid and Director Strait started today’s conversation in Serbian. The youth is our priority and they are our future. By taking care of the young, we also help the elderly in this way, because most often they are the ones who help the young, and when the young find a job, it is easier for the elderly as well. Time in industry is biggest problem of the labor and with the support of the Government of Switzerland, we manage to get young staff trained and ready for employment. This is important for employers because it saves them time, and for young people because they come to work fully prepared. It is important for the City of Kragujevac, the Mayor concluded, that we prepare our structure of free labor for all challenges that the industry imposes.

The aim of the Project “Education to Employment” with total value of 14.3 million Euro and 8 years of implementation is increase of employability and employment of youth and faster sustainable and inclusive economic development of Serbia as well as enhance, support and provide for the model of continual cooperation of local self-governments, schools, civil societies organizations and economy.