The Mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dašić, organized a reception for Ambassadors and representatives of the Nordic Embassies, H.E. Susanne Shine, the Ambassador of Denmark, H.E. Kimmo Lahdevirta, Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Alexander Peyre Dutrey, Deputy Ambassador of Sweden and Stefan Almehagen Sandstad, Second Secretary of the Norwegian Embassy, organizers and participants of International Conference Boosting Circular Economy in Serbia – Nordic Experiences.

The reception in the City Hall was attended by Ivica Momcilovic, Deputy Mayor, Biljana Ilic Stosic, Head of the Administrative District of Sumadija, Predrag Lucic, Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Sumadija and Pomoravlje Administrative District, and Stefan Nikezic, member of the City Council for Environment Improvement and Protection.

Developed countries of Europe develop circular economy in practice over long period now. In that sense, Serbia can follow the Nordic countries and learn a lot from their experiences, considering the fact that it is rapidly developing, said the Mayor Nikola Dasic. The City of Kragujevac and other local self-governments, with the help of the Government, are investing significant funds in order to succeed in achieving the goals that your countries achieved. We are aware that all this is not just about preserving and protecting the environment, but that by acting smartly and approaching the circular economy, providing we employ all resources, we can also achieve economic progress.

The circular economy concerns all of us and concerns our natural resources, that is why it is necessary for all of us to participate equally in all this, said the Ambassador of Finland, H.E. Kimmo Lahdevirta. On the other hand, it represents a business opportunity for everyone because there is no waste in the circular economy, and it is up to us to understand and apply it well in the economy and environmental protection. Serbia has taken significant steps so far. The Serbian Chamber of Commerce has established a digital platform, a hub for the circular economy, and a National Action Plan for the Circular Economy is being drafted, said Ambassador Lahdevirt.

Conference Boosting Circular Economy in Serbia – Nordic Experiences is being realized with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Kragujevac is the second out of four cities in Serbia in which the City of Kragujevac, the Nordic Business Alliance and NALED are implementing it in partnership, in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Sumadija and Pomoravlje Administrative Districts.