In the presence of H.E. Mrs. Chen Bo, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, director of the Serbian Government Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment Mihailo Jovanovic, representatives of the Huawei Company and numerous attendees, the City Data Center has been launched in Kragujevac.

According to Mayor Radomir Nikolic this is a feature of information and communication technologies development in Kragujevac. The City has permanent commitment to expand digitalisation and eGovernment development that are the key priorities of the Republic of Serbia. The project defines and carries out construction of the primary as well as disaster recovery site, communication system and equipment connecting all parts of the City’s authorities, videoconferencing, IP telephony, the most modern data protection systems, backup, virtualization, and other services. The capacity of the City Data Center surpasses the needs of the City’s authorities, so it will be on disposal to the University of Kragujevac and other interested users.

The realization of this project, which is a donation of the People’s Republic of China worth 2 million dollars, is going to position Kragujevac as one of the IT centers in Serbia, in addition, construction of the State Data Recovery Center will make it the hub at regional level.

The citizens are going to be able to use services of transparent, open local self-government. Kragujevac is one of the five cities in Serbia whose data can be found on the eMap, said Mihailo Jovanovic, director of the Governament Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment. We are working on linking the Public Utility Company “Sumadija” with the systems of the eGovernment, civil register, Ministry of Interior Affairs, National Employment Service, which is yet another example of good cooperation between the City and the Republic. Speaking about the future plans, the director of the Governament Office Jovanovic announced the Smart Cities Project and its cooperation with the University.

Being a new form of the new age infrastructure, the City Data Center has become a central nerve for the smart city, but also an important element of the business environment. I am very pleased that the People’s Republic of China was able to help and that the Huawei Company could make its contribution employing its high technology and rich experience. Joint construction of this Data Center is the beginning of cooperation between Kragujevac and the Chinese partners in the field of digitalisation and new high technologies, said the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China. She expressed her belief that in the future a new investment chances for entrepreneurs, who had already showed their interest, would be opened.