In the industrial complex of MIND Park near Kragujevac, the first factory AMM Manufacturing d.o.o., operating within the MIND Group, was opened. The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić and the owner of the company MIND Real Estate, Bratislav Milanović cut the ribbon. The ceremony was also attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabić, the Mayor of Kragujevac Radomir Nikolić, Urlich Semsek, the director of all rail vehicles in Siemens and Thomas Schieb, the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The president Vučić said that in MIND Park soon several factories should be constructed, and the production should be initiated of rail vehicles – trams and wagons and, we hope, locomotives. This should dramatically influence the growth of domestic gross product of Serbia, different and much better future of Šumadija and whole Serbia.

“Those will be our trams, the most beautiful trams, which shall be produced using modern technology,” said Vučić, adding that in the factories of Milanović group and MIND Park currently employs 860. “We estimate if we finish everything related to scientific-technology park that we shall soon have 3000 workers engaged here. This will be excellent for Kragujevac, but also for Rača, Topola and other surrounding places. Nothing healthies could have happened for Šumadija. I congratulate for these magnificent factories, but also for everything that is yet to be produced here. The salaries here shall be considerably above the average in Serbia and this shall contribute that young people stay to work and live in Šumadija. The state has invested ten million euros only in infrastructure. We shall continue to decrease unemployment and we shall fight to have the biggest possible life standard for people.”

Vučić also thanked German companies which currently employ more than 52.000 people and said that soon they would employ up to 70.000 people in Serbia.

The factory AMM spreads on about 8.000 m2. The owner of MIND Group Bratislav Milanović said that that the production started on 1st November. “Apart from this facility there are four additional construction sites, so that in total 30.000 m2 are under construction in MIND Park. One more factory is currently under construction for production of steel parts, where the production should start on March 1st. The plan is by the end of 2019 to have more than 60.000 m2 constructed. A kindergarten is being constructed and it shall start operating, and in January 2020 the construction of logistics center shall start, and it is planned that it will cover the needs of MIND Park and all partners which will be here”, said Milanović.

The Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said that opening of the factory was a big day for Kragujevac and Serbia. “This investment is the result of reforms and hard work of all of us in the previous four years, but also the result of the faith that Serbia can do better and that it has potential”, said Ana Brnabić.

The mayor of Kragujevac, Radomir Nikolić, reminded that the first train came to Kragujevac in 1886 and that the king Milan Obrenović had arrived by this train and spoke to the people who gathered about the importance of the development of railway for Serbia,as one of the crucial issues for our country.

Citizens of Kragujevac could not even imagine that someday their descendants shall produce the most modern trains in the world.

“The development has been driven by our brains and strength and we have always had friends in the world who would help us in this. We have produced weapons with Belgians and the French, we have produced automobiles with Italians, today we produce trains with Germans,” said Radomir Nikolić.

The industrial complex MIND Park has been proclaimed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia to be the project of national importance, and it should provide capacities for the development of innovative solutions, not only in rail vehicles industry, but also in other industrial branches of high technology.

Within the park, the construction of industrial area is ongoing, where apart from the factories for processing and production of car bodies, there will be all other necessary supporting services including paint shop, procurement, logistics, human resources, IT, as well as public services, which, according to the words of investors, shall enable that the whole production chain from until the final part takes place on the same location. The business zone has also been planned on the area of about 15 hectares of the Park.

This zone shall include an Administrative building and facilities with development-research potentials, such as scientific-technology park, an institute, education center and the space for start-up companies.

It has been planned to construct polyclinic-diagnostic center with the most modern Siemens equipment, as well as accompanying facilities such as canteen, kindergarten, and sports center. The construction of the airport runway is under preparation.