The Remembrance Day in the memory of Serbian victims of the WW II event is held in Sumarice Memorial Park Kragujevac and 80th anniversary of the mass execution of civilians at 21st October 1941. State delegation is led by the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.

After the memorial service serviced by the Episcope of Sumadija Jovan with the priests of the Diocese of Sumadija to the Kragujevac New Martyrs, wreaths are laid at the Monument of V/3 erected on the site where German occupation forces executed students and progessors of Kragujevac Grammar school.

Wreaths are laid by the President of Serbia, students and professors of the First Grammar School of Kragujevac, the Mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dasic, Ministers in the Government of Serbia, representatives of the Serbian Parliament, the Army of Serbia and Association of Fighters of the People’s Liberation War of Serbia.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps also paid tribute to the victims, and on behalf of Germany the Vice President of the Bundestag, Claudia Roth.

Ministers Branko Ruzic, Nebojsa Stefanovic, Darija Kisic-Tepavcevic, Gordana Comic, former Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, as well as numerous citizens attended the state ceremony in Kragujevac.

The poem “Black Day” by Duško Radović was performed at the Great School Class, the first poem specifically written for that event in 1971. The play, performed by 12 members of the Knjaževo Serbian Theater with guest actor Miloš Lazić from Belgrade, was directed by Dragan Jakovljević.

The Great School Class commemoration in Šumarice has been held since 1957, and since 1961 it has been held at the Monument unveiled that year to the executed students and professors.